24 February, 2011

annoying presence in my life!

I was busy writing a blog review when I saw a cockroach running from the kitchen to where I was sitting in the dining room. Yes, I was working in the dining room and I wasn't eating (munching, chewing, call it whatever you like, I wasn't doing it -defensive,huh?).

house cleaning

The nerve of that cockroach! It wasn't at all scared of getting stomped by my heavy feet. This breed of cockroach is on the thin side and lighter in color. And they surely move so fast!

I sweep the floor, dust the furnitures and make sure the kitchen sink and the bathroom are always clean. I regularly use insect spray, almost everyday even. Although I make sure our house is clean, I still see one or two of this annoying insect every single day. This is the downside of living in a condominium. I may have a clean condo unit but if my neighbors are not -then the whole building will always have these annoying insects.

i don't believe in fortune tellers

I make it a point to watch the morning news since I seldom have the time to watch the evening telecast. But I run for the remote, to change the channel, every time the zodiac reading is on. Some are ridiculously unimaginative. Even I can make those horoscopes. Not creative, at all!


Are there lots of people in this country who still believe in horoscopes and fortune tellers? I guess so, that's the reason why top television networks include it in their morning news show.

quote of the day #4

For yesterday is but a dream,

And tomorrow is only a vision:

But today well lived

Makes every yesterday a dream of happiness,

And every tomorrow a vision of hope.

Look well, therefore, to this day.
Sanskrit Proverb

quote of the day

travel & tour expo

I was inquiring for a Disneyland tour package a few months ago. Everything -from airfare to city tours- we're very expensive because November is a peak season for travel sales. The agent informed me that I can postpone our trip for a few months and buy our tour package in an upcoming travel expo.

Last saturday, before watching the Pyromusical competition, we stopped by SMX Convention Center at Mall of Asia for the Travel and Tours Fair. There was a big crowd of people lining up to purchase airline tickets, tour packages and celebrity cruises.

One thing I noticed though, most travel operators were selling off-peak season packages only. Off peak rates are of course cheaper. They should lower down the prices of peak season packages during a travel expo. Imagine falling in line for hours just to buy something that you can buy, without waiting in line for hours, outside of the travel expo.

23 February, 2011

smoke free Philippines

The Philippine Medical Association is challenging President Aquino to lead a campaign for a smoke-free Philippines. Pnoy is a heavy cigarette smoker and his continued use has been featured on the top newspapers in the country.
smoking president
When he was still a senator, his cigarette smoking was never publicized. Everything that he does, no matter how small and unimportant like his love life, will always be front page material now that he's the president. That's the price of having the highest seat on the land. Some news are not even true. Good thing the media has never written anything as ridiculous as him dating a guy.

i'm addicted to olay!

I have another new one to add to my collection of Olay products. This supposedly is for people who have oily skin. I don't necessarily hate having an oily face since it is helps -the oil- in moisturizing the face and prevents early signs of aging like wrinkles and sagging skin. I just want to lessen the oiliness (right spelling?) of my face because there are times that I can't retouch/repowder in front of other people. 

olay total effects

Have you tried this product? What made you buy the product? Was it effective for you?

21 February, 2011

the right DSLR camera

I need to buy a DSLR camera. My point and shoot camera has failed me big time when we watched the Pyromusical Competition last Saturday.

I've never been disappointed with my shots. I was tempted to use my cell phones in taking photos of Portugal and UK's fireworks display. The camera on my cellular phone has low pixel, so it also can't capture the amazing fireworks display. I ended up taking videos and just a few pictures.

2011 Pyromusical Competition Philippines

I've been planning to buy a DSLR camera but my weak back is only capable of carrying anything that's heavy 5minutes tops.

What DSLR brand are you using or planning to buy? What's the smallest one in the market?

graduation dress and suit

Graduating students, especially the girls, are more excited with what they'll be wearing during the graduation ceremony than preparing for their finals this time of the year. A few more weeks of looking for the right dress, a few more lunges and crunches to fit the right dress, and they're all set to wow the crowd.

graduation dress

Because of our humid weather, experts advice on simple cuts for the graduation ceremony. One has the option to have another dress, this time imaginations can run wild, for the post graduation party.

Are you graduating this semester? Your child maybe? Have you found the dress yet?

14 February, 2011

2011 Hot Air Balloon Festival

I was so tired yesterday. We went to Clark, Pampanga for the Hot Air Balloon festival. Twenty-six (26) countries showcased their colorful and very creative hot air balloons in the four day event. This is our first time to go to that event and RJ had so much fun!

Hot Air Balloon Festival, Clark

RJ tried R.O.X stores' wall climbing and he was able to reach the top in just a few minutes. He enjoyed the sky diving exhibitions the most! He was so disappointed though because he thought he was going to try sky diving also. Maybe when you're a bit older, son.

R.O.X wall climbing
                                                                                            go RJ!
I must say that printing businesses in the area got a lot of profit that day. There were leaflets and paper food wrappers on the ground. But the janitors were also very diligent in making the place clean.

We went to Marquee Mall at Angeles, Pampanga for lunch afterwards. There was a pre-Valentine's event at the mall park at 4pm. A helicopter circled the mall park a few times dropping rose petals! RJ had so much fun trying to catch the rose petals.

By the way, Happy Heart's Day everyone!

wanted: lady bus drivers

Whenever I travel at EDSA (Epifanio delos Santos Avenue), I don't breathe at all. I feel like having a heart attack while still on that road and shouting at the top of my lungs with relief at the end of that avenue. Buses turn and swerve left and right without any concern at all that there are smaller vehicles traveling on that road also.
lady bus drivers
But in a few months, or possibly weeks, hopefully I won't have that scared feeling whenever traveling in EDSA. Lady bus drivers are being hired and trained by MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority) to replace reckless bus drivers.

Yaay to lady bus drivers! Be careful on the road.

currently reading

I finally got a copy of Mini Shopaholic. AlthoughI have a love/hate relationship with Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood), I got sad when I finished reading Shopaholic and Baby. I love her funny side but I hate when she spends too much.
Mini Shopaholic Sophie Kinsella
Shopaholic is a series of books by Sophie Kinsella. Becky Bloomwood is the main character of the first five books while her daughter Minnie takes the limelight on the most current book published in 2010. Becky is a shopaholic and addicted to anything that's fab. She'll buy anything from a simple toothpick to a Playbook
as long as it looks fab and expensive.

I'm halfway through the book. I will miss the adventures of Becky and her horrible, which turns out succesful in the end, financial decisions. Until we meet again Becky Bloomwood Brandon!

06 February, 2011

i'm a big fan!

Olay Total Effects

Need I say more? The picture says it all.

And my latest addition to my Olay collection.

Olay Regenerist eye serum

I noticed a few lines around my eyes so I decided that I do need to buy, and use for the first time, an eye cream. I don't use one yet because a small tube of eye cream is so much more expensive than a bigger tube of moisturizer. I thought the moisturizer will also take care of skin around the eye area. But obviously it didn't.

Can anyone suggest an eye cream that will erase (really, I want these lines removed!) lines around the eye area?

And what moisturizer works best for you? Would love to try a new one that works better than Olay.

04 February, 2011

friday fill-in's #17

1. We are on this earth because we are God's gift to our parents.

2. My son wants to experience going inside a horror house. He needs to look for someone to accompany him because I'll just punch those scary people with masks if they try to scare me.

3. One of the hardest things for me to learn is to forgive those who have done me wrong. Especially if the person is not sorry at all.

4.  Finally got connected.

5. I remember I still have to wash the dishes!

6. Graduating from the best school in the country is one of the best parts of my life.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to reading a book, tomorrow my plans include going to my son's school fair and Sunday, I want to watch Tangled!

Join in the fun...
friday fillins

lazy day

RJ's at his friend's house since 10 this morning. They attend the same school and don't have classes today because of chinese new year celebration. I should call and ask him to come how now because, aside from the fact that it's 4 in the afternoon already, he hasn't taken a bath yet.

kung hei fat choi 2011
Speaking of bath time, I forgot that I was supposed to clean the bathroom today. The bathroom sink needs to be declogged.

Why do I feel so lazy today? I also planned to go out and watch a movie with RJ. But we ended up staying at home. Hopefully I don't feel lazy tomorrow.

03 February, 2011

healthy mind and body

healthy mind and body

I have a new baby. Introducing my new blog, Healthy Mind and Body 101.

I have been trying to live a healthy lifestyle since giving birth to my son. Not that I'm into bad vices -- well, I do indulge on chips and sodas once in a while. But when I gave birth to my son I decided that it's time to replace chips and sodas with more healthier snacks. Also to add more fruits and vegetables on our table.

And exercise at least 30 minutes to an hour everyday.

My new blog is all about being healthy in mind and body. But it's still empty, no posts yet. I hope you can help me list down some health topics that can be of help to those who wants to live a more healthy lifestyle.

The Importance of Water. That's one of the topic that I want to talk about because I myself don't want to drink water. I don't like the tasteless taste of good-old-H2O. But lately I've been drinking a few glasses each day... a good way to start the new year right?

What about you? What topic would you like to see on my health blog once it's up? I'll put a link to your blog on the article that you suggested as a way of saying thanks.
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