21 February, 2011

the right DSLR camera

I need to buy a DSLR camera. My point and shoot camera has failed me big time when we watched the Pyromusical Competition last Saturday.

I've never been disappointed with my shots. I was tempted to use my cell phones in taking photos of Portugal and UK's fireworks display. The camera on my cellular phone has low pixel, so it also can't capture the amazing fireworks display. I ended up taking videos and just a few pictures.

2011 Pyromusical Competition Philippines

I've been planning to buy a DSLR camera but my weak back is only capable of carrying anything that's heavy 5minutes tops.

What DSLR brand are you using or planning to buy? What's the smallest one in the market?


casseydab said...

thats so beautiful....

w0rkingAth0mE said...

i have problem with my camera i already brought it in sony repair shop but still there is a problem. Need to buy one na i want dslr also but i think lack of funds pa so try ko buy ng any digital camera na less expensive ..

air said...

that actually looks nice

even if i want dslr i just don't know how to used it waaahhh

rjs mama said...

@casseydab and air, thanks! my other shots doesn't look so nice =( glad that I at least have this one

@workathome, yes ipon pa muna =)

Kimmy said...

I'm planning to buy the Nikon D3100. It doesn't look heavy so you might want to try it it? I also have a point-and-shoot camera. Sony T300 and maganda mga kuha for a point-and-shoot. It has a fireworks option so okay siya for capturing those beauties. :D I bought it back in 2009, so baka may bagong version na.

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