31 December, 2009

"blue moon" and mayon volcano = fireworks!

This is Mayon Volcano now, it looks like a giant christmas tree. It sure looks beautiful looking from afar.

But people who live at the foot of the volcano needs to be evacuated because the volcano has been spewing lava and flaming rocks. Since yesterday, the summit of the volcano was obscured most of the time by thick clouds. No ash explosion was observed during good visibility.

But a bright blue moon will grace New Year's eve celebration worldwide. A blue moon isn't actually blue. It is actually the rare appearance of the second full moon of the month linked from the saying "once in a blue moon".

Scientists say that the full moon's (the "blue moon") gravitational pull could spark a major eruption of  the most active volcano in the Philippines --Mount Mayon. It would definitely be a fireworks display that is not man-made. It will look spectacular no doubt.

But what will you feel if you are one of the people who live at the foot of the volcano. Your main source of livelihood, rice farming and livestock raising, has been destroyed -- will you feel happy?

Happy New Year. Do join me in praying that Mayon's wrath will end soon.


28 December, 2009

2010 resolution #1

Found this article "5 Habits to Break in 2010"when I logged out of my yahoo account. First on the list of not-so-great habits -- NAIL BITING.

Guilty as charged.

I bite my nails when I am stressed out, don't have anything important to do, concentrating hard and stressed out (yes, I know I said that already). My nails are not really ugly or disgusting, it's just very short.

I should definitely break that habit. I will welcome and enjoy 2010 with clean, well groomed nails.

What about you? What bad habits are you going to change in 2010?

how does one become a real estate agent?

I have been working at home for a few years already, actually before RJ was even born. I currently have a few work-at-home jobs and I am eyeing another one right now. I want to try real estate brokering. Why add another job? I think being a real estate agent can be a rewarding career choice. You get to meet and mingle with different kinds of people. Not to mention the commission that you will get when you make a sale, isn't that rewarding enough?

How does one become a real estate agent anyway? I have been researching about that for a few weeks already. First, browse real estate ads and make a list of agencies you want to talk with. Start with the agencies near your place. If you live in Ontario for example you should search for ads available around the area. Make an appointment with the recruiting managers on your list. If you're new in this career (like me) don't forget to ask questions.

Once you're hired you need to obtain a real estate broker license. In Canada, to become a licensed real estate agent, one must complete a course of study as required under the Real Estate Act of one's resident province. The Real Estate Agents governing body of your province will provide the licensing requirements.

The next step: look for potential clients.

book sale indeed!

I went to my favorite second-hand bookstore last week. I was on my hands and knees, because the really cheap books are under the table, and I found this book! My eyes almost popped out of it's sockets. Why?

10 pesos! Glorious indeed! Approximately $0.22 as of exchange rate today. If you're not a fan of the Bridget Jones movies (me not a fan!) but the book is this cheap -- will you buy it?

Well, I did! What about you? Will you buy it too?

26 December, 2009

take advantage of charter's sweepstakes today!

Charter's Daily Deal Web Site is closing 2009 with a big bang by offering the best sweepstake of the year. A total of 1,600 prize winners will be selected in a random drawing from December 1, 2009 until January 6, 2010 (excluding Thursdays). There will be a total of 50 prizes awarded daily except on December 6, 2009 and January 5, 2010 wherein 100 prizes will be given away.

There are plenty of chances to win each day. Take advantage of great deals on Charter Cable, Internet and Phone services and FREE Gift Cards (in time for easier holiday shopping) with special online deals from major retailers in electronics, clothing, home, accessories, and restaurants.  Grab the chance to win additional cool prizes for the holidays like iPods, Camcorders, TVs, GPS units, webcams, Photo frames, and more. They even have some great showtime schwag to give away like Dexter, The Tudors, and Californication. As well as Big Love and Entourage box-sets too!

Over the last two years, Charter has given away great prizes including an HDTV-a-day, Toyota Prius, a new 2010 Chevy Camaro 2SS, Xbox 360s and more. 50 Digital Photo Key Chains's will be given away, just for today, valued at $30.00 each. The total value of all prizes to be awarded is $142,050!

Want to keep up with all the daily deals? You have to become a fan of Charter on Facebook  and they’ll be updating it every day through the holidays with all the latest. They're giving out great deals, prizes and giveaways each day so don't forget to check it out often.

24 December, 2009

friday fill-in's #9

1. My boots only lasted for a year, I need to replace it. Anyone who wants to give me one?

2. Will enjoy the rest of this century.

3. Imitation products- I don't like.

4. Taxi drivers driving and talking on the mobile phone? Should be put behind bars, just for an hour, just to teach them a lesson. 
5. I'd like to greet you all a Merry Christmas.

6. Christmas dinner is over, get over it? If the food didn't taste good - there's still New Year's eve!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to changing blog's layout, tomorrow my plans include reading a book from my friend Riz and Sunday, I want to go to church and thank God for all the blessings he has given my family this 2009!

23 December, 2009

merry christmas everyone!

photo credit: deviantart

14 December, 2009

are you done with your Christmas shopping?

11 more days to go before Christmas!

I haven't done my Christmas shopping. Don't even have a Christmas shopping list yet. I did buy gifts for some of my son's teachers and classmates a month ago. I only have this weekend to complete the gift buying for those people. Next week is last week of classes before Christmas break.

I also have a Christmas lunchdate with my friends 2 weeks from now. Only bought rosaries and rosary guides for each one of them. Have to buy pouches for the rosaries as well as gifts for their hubbies and kids.

For my family, don't have any idea yet what gifts to give them.

I better start my list.

Ta-ta for now!

photo credit: blogs.eastwick.com

11 December, 2009

very heavy mini laptop?

If you're one of my blog's regular reader (as if I have one!), you would remember my post about my break-back-DELL-laptop. It was such a heavy laptop, I cannot bring it anywhere.

Oh! You don't know about that post? I was hoping you are one of my blog-fan. Nope?

That post is also about my new HP Mini laptop. I wanted to buy a DELL mini but I can't find one right away. I ended up buying HP Mini instead. A small laptop is what I wanted because I can bring it anywhere I go without breaking my back.

I have scoliosis - is a crooked back considered as broken? I guess yes. I don't want to break it more.

I did notice that the battery is attached at the back, not inside the laptop. The battery is not that big, so I thought there was no problem about it. Now that I've tried bringing it outside the house (the laptop - with the battery of course) I am regretting it already (buying an HP mini). Why? The battery and laptop becomes sooo heavy when carried around even for just a short period of time.

Lesson learned: Next time, I will be more patient. I could have just waited for a DELL mini but I was so impatient I bought this laptop with a battery as heavy as a mountain. I am not exaggerating, nope. I always have backpains everytime I carry the laptop out of the house.

friday fill-in's #8

1. Good times: Christmas, can't wait.
2. I miss my old home.
3. Sleigh bells ring are you listening :D.
4. my baby, not little anymore.
5. Once more holiday I enjoy: New Year.
6. This new year, will my stressful days end?
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to sleeping, tomorrow my plans include visiting my sisters and Sunday, I want to go to church!

christmas wish: i need a day-off!!

I am a WAHM. I have to deal with a lot of stress every single day of my life. People here in the Philippines have stay-in maids, I do not even have a stay-out maid! I do everything, everyday. I do the laundry, wash the dishes (don't have dishwasher!) clean the house, cook breakfast (of course lunch and dinner also), pick up my son from school. Yup, I am the maid, yaya, mommy rolled into one.

I am not complaining (not much). But the stress! Yes, I am stressed out everyday.

I need to unwind, I definitely need a day-off!

I would definitely enjoy having a janitorial cleaning service just for one day that can handle all of the daily duties for me like doing the laundry, washing the dishes, dusting the floor, etc. I am thinking of doing it once a month.

What would I do with all the spare time I'll have on my hands? I would surely visit a spa. I need a massage. I need to remove all the stress bottled up inside my abused body. A trip to the salon would be next on my list. I need to have my hair fixed, I don't like the hairstyle that I have right now. A professional hairdresser is what I need to fix my hair problem. A new look would be nice. Shopping! It's been a long time since I bought clothes for myself. I definitely need new shirts and dresses.

What do you think? Should I start looking for a professional cleaning crew?

i have a bad perm, help!

I only had two hairstyle since birth - short hair with bangs and one-length long hair. When I was younger, I was contented with my straight, shiny, black hair.

Because of too much hair products (experimenting with different shampoos), my hair became dry, unmanageable and it curls in the wrong places.

I've been wanting to have my hair professionally curled. The need to have a new look was so intense already, my hand had a mind of its own that day. It already called my sisters' so called hairdresser before my mind could even react.

To cut the long story short -- I do not like my new look. I guess the hairdresser was not-a-professional-haircurler. She straightens my sister's (and cousins) curly hair. I showed her pictures of hair curls that I do NOT like. When I saw my curls, lo and behold! It was exactly the same with one of the pictures that I showed her.

And the nightmare doesn't end there. After a month, the bottom part of my hair is straight already and the middle part is still very curly!

Lessons learned:
1. If your sister is happy with the services of a person-who-straightens-hair, don't hire her services to have your hair curled!
2. A very, very cheap fee will never guarantee you a good service (I only paid Php400~ roughly $8)

I'm planning to have a haircut, just the bottom part of my hair. But just thinking that the people in the salon (where I am a regular client) might laugh at my ridiculous-cheap-bad-perm, makes me cringe in embarrassment!

What do you think should I do with my hair?

05 December, 2009

need high-quality windows, any suggestion?

I have been looking for replacement windows for our house. I need one that will make me feel safe when I am in the house with my family. I need one that is not just attractive but will also give the best security in the morning or when we are asleep at night. I need one that will keep us unharmed from burglars and other harmful people passing in our neighborhood.

While searching online, I found the website of Penguin Windows. It is the 8th largest replacement company in the US. THe company's main office is located in Washington state. Penguin Windows are currently available in Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Maine.

Started in 1984, the goal of the company is to sell high-quality replacement windows to homeowners who want to make their life (particularly their home) safer.

The company offers a variety of products, including vinyl siding, roofing, and sunrooms. As the business evolved, so did the company’s focus. The company primarily focuses on  residential replacement windows. They offer the most energy-efficient windows in the industry, which guarantees at least 40% energy savings. They employ AAMA certified installers so that they can offer a 100% full service warranty on their windows as well as their installation.

Do you think I found the right replacement window company? Will it make my home safer, more attractive and energy-efficient

02 December, 2009

GT#4: my birthday

I am a virgo. I was born on September 11.

When I was in grade school, my birthday is a national holiday. That's because I share the specialness (is that even a word?) of the day with then Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. What a treat for all my classmates, right? No school on my birthday, they just have to attend my party.

I was the first child (of my parents of course) and the first grandchild (on my mother's side) so I was a little bit a prima donna (brat?). I have a party every year but when I turned 4 my parents decided to just give me a present on my special day instead of a party.

Day of my birthday I had a fever. To make me feel better, my mom and dad invited some friends to join us in cutting the birthday cake. As soon as I learned that, I didn't have a fever anymore. A lot of friends came and it turned into a whole afternoon of fun.

01 December, 2009

GT#3: my favorite gift

my fave gift so far is just a hug (and a kiss from my son). knowing that somebody loves you unconditionally is the best gift from God.
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