29 October, 2012

Overlooked Additions for Your Bath

Planning on remodeling or redecorating your bathroom? Of course, you have thought of the basics, such as which style you want and which paint colors you like. However, some often overlooked additions can make or break your bathroom's look and feel. Items, such as shower curtain hooks and vanities, are key components in your bathroom's overall appearance and can add an extra punch of style to your room.

bathroom accessories 
Add a touch of personality and flair by choosing details, such as shower curtain liners and hooks that reflect your individual taste. For example, if you love a relaxing, beach-type feel to your bath, choose a liner with a seashell or tropical fish motif. There are many materials and prints available to suit your style. Shower curtain clips and hooks also come in all shapes and sizes and can coordinate with any look you choose. Adding one of the many styles of mirrored vanities available is another way to complete your bathroom's decor. These pieces are designed to provide both function and beauty to your room and are available in single or double-sink styles. Choose a piece that can coordinate with many different accessories, and you can easily change the look of your room by switching towel colors or decorative accents. By keeping your focus on these types of details, you are sure to see your room come together perfectly.

Redecorating your bathroom offers you a chance to create a relaxing oasis for you and your guests. Do not forget to add the extra details that let your personality shine through and can make your room look and feel complete.

25 October, 2012

All I Want for Christmas

If I have to list down everything that I want to receive this Christmas, I would fill up a page or two of a regular-sized paper. On top of that list is a new computer. My HP netbook has been slowing down my work pace for the past months already. It’s very slow in loading up web pages. Even booting and rebooting it takes up a lot of time!


I should listen to my sister when she gives me her “this is how to speed up your computer" lecture. But I have a lot of things to “study” and learn lately, a brand new computer is my solution to my computer problem.
So yes, I want a new computer this Christmas. Any takers?

20 October, 2012

4 Awesome Gifts for Seniors

Our senior citizen parents very much deserve to receive awesome gifts during christmas or their birthday. But it doesn't have to be just any gift that we can grab at the last minute. It should be something that would make their eyes sparkle with excitement once they receive it. They gave us all the happiness and love they're capable of giving so it's also right that we give them something in return.

Here are some gift suggestions:

They love to go down memory lane. When my grandmother turned 90 years old, I thought of giving her a picture scrapbook. I got my sister's help, we looked for pictures of everyone in the family and made picture collage. We also included her travel pictures and a dedication page where everyone in the family wrote a short love letter for grandma.

Exercise Machine 
They're not as strong as they used to but they still need to exercise regularly albeit shorter and not as rigorous as when they were younger. A threadmill or a stationary bike are the most appropriate machine that they can use at home. Although their eyes might not light up with excitement when they see your gift, I'm positively sure they will thank you later on.

Gardening Tools and Books
Most seniors believe they have a green thumb. So why not buy them the most high-tech gardening tools and newest books that you can find. It's ok to splurge, you might get lucky, they might volunteer to do your garden next.


Some older people I know are online 24/7. They have their own accounts on facebook, twitter, google plus and some other social networking sites. Aside from chatting with relatives in other countries, who are also their age, they're especially a big fan of facebook and online games. They will love you even more with this gift. Just don't input your credit card information on that tablet.

14 October, 2012

Goal: To Stay Young Looking Always, Hopefully

There's no denying the fact that getting old is inevitable. I don't look old, yet, and I feel younger than my age. But that doesn't mean that I should neglect taking care of myself. I take care of my inner body by eating the right amount of food, exercising and being happy. I take care of my outer body by keeping it clean, healthy and young looking.

How do I keep it clean?
  • Mild or Hypoallergenic Soap - This type of soaps are mild and doesn’t contain strong chemicals that can harm a sensitive skin.
  • Mild or Hypoallergenic Cleanser - This usually has no fragrances, artificial preservatives or coloring agents thus very appropriate for delicate skin.
  • Exfoliant - Exfoliating removes dead skin cells on the skin’s outer layer. It is very important to do this at least twice a week to make skin clean and healthy.
  • Toner - This is a very important product that cleans the dirt that wasn’t removed by using soap and cleanser. It also reduces the size and appearance of pores.
How do I keep it healthy?
  • Facial Serum - Serum gives added moisture and nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin that a moisturizer can’t penetrate. This should be applied before moisturizer application.
  • Moisturizer - This gives hydration and moisture to the skin.
  • Lotion - This product re-hydrates, soften and makes the skin smoother.
  • Face Mask - There are different types of face mask (e.g. Anti-aging, hydrating, Whitening). Each type has its own active ingredient that helps keep the face healthy.
How do I keep it young looking?
I don't need cheek augmentation because I was gifted with high cheek bones. I don’t have sagging skin yet and hopefully won’t have in the next 50 more years. But I do need a few help for non-invasive treatments from a certified dermatologist once in a while. A good starting point, if you haven’t done it yet but thinks that now is the right time to do it, is do research first. The Victorian Cosmetic Institute’s website is a very good website that has complete information on procedures that can help you stay young looking. The site is very easy to navigate, even a newbie in computer and internet use won’t have a problem navigating it.

The Victorian Cosmetic Institute

Here are a few procedures that I’ve done and planning to do in the future.
  • Chemical Peels - This procedure regenerates and resurfaces the skin.
  • Microdermabrasion - This removes dirt that wasn’t removed by regular exfoliation. It actually deeply exfoliates the skin.
If you have been doing nothing to make your outer body clean, healthy and young looking, it’s not too late, you can start right about now.

Checklist for Finding the Best Automotive Service Provider

Finding the best automotive service provider that can help maintain your car in good condition or repair when broken is not something that you should take lightly. You didn't just buy any car that took your fancy, you compared the pros and cons of different car manufacturers and models. That's what you should also do when looking for the best automotive service company for your car repair and maintenance needs. Here's a checklist of things to consider when comparing car service companies in your area.
  • Accessibility - Check car service companies near your home and/or workplace. If you travel to neighboring cities, it's also best if your car service company has nationwide branches.
  • Great Deals - Some companies offer year-round promos and discounts that can help their clients save on car services. Jax Quickfit Tyres Melbourne has these offers for this month: 
         - discounted rates for seniors
         - $129 seasonal vehicle service offer
         - Michelin $50 gift card offer
         - American Express cardholder offer
         - interest fee financing
         - tyre deals
car service provider promo
  • Customer Service - When you encounter a car problem, they are the first people you talk to. Good customer service is very important especially in diagnosing car problems while on the road.
  • Online Presence - A "complete" company website works hand-in-hand with customer service. Complete in the sense that everything about the company and the services they offer can easily be seen on the front page of the site. Jax Quckfit's website is also mobile ready. When browsing it on mobile, the page is uncluttered and very easy to navigate.
  • Good Quality Service - Ask around, from friends and families, who their car service provider is. Their good experience will help you narrow your search for the best car service companies around the area where you live.
Goodluck in finding the best service provider for your car maintenance and car repair needs.

10 October, 2012

How to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

I've noticed that motorcycles in Manila has increased tremendously this year. And motorcycle riders drive so recklessly without any thought of how they're endangering their lives, not to mention those of other people.


Here are some observations, which motorcycle riders should take note of, to keep themselves and other people safe on the street.

Don't Use The Sidewalk - Only stup*d drivers do this. And there are a lot of them in Manila. Who cares if you're already late for work or an appointment? Leave early next time so you don't endanger those walking on the sidewalk. They have every right to use the sidewalk and you riding your motorcycle don't!

Helmet - If you're using one that the , then you're bound to crack that skull of yours if you fell of that bike, hopefully not, accidentally.

Overtaking Is Bad - I feel horrified everytime I see a motorcycle zooming, zygzagging and overtaking other vehicles on the street. I only see stunt people do that in the movies. In real life, no director will shout "Cut!", so drive safely on the road.

Most Expensive Nail Polish, I want!

So Kelly Osbourne showed up on the Emmy's red carpet with her nails studded in diamonds! But J.Lo was the first person/celebrity in the world to have her nails painted with the most expensive nail polish ever produced. I wonder who'll be next!


The said nail polish is not selling like hotcakes because of its $250k per bottle price tag. But it will surely make anyone famous, if not yet, once caught with the black diamonds on their finger nails.

I personally think it didn't make Kelly or J.Lo look amazing in pictures. But I'm sure they feel they're the most fashionable and richest girl at the moment they were wearing the expensive nail blings. 

Fox Filipino Channel

I've recently just discovered  Fox Filipino on MyDestiny Cable. It has definitely been on my list of favorite channels since I first found out about it. What I like about this new channel, aside from not having a lot of long commercials, is its rerun of Encantadia.

Encantadia is a Filipino Fantaserye by GMA Network in 2005. There’s an on-going rumor that a new Encantadia series is on the works and is slated to air this 2012.


My day wouldn't be complete if I don't watch Ugly Young Ae, another show on Fox Filipino. Ugly Young Ae is a Filipinized Korean telenovela.

Do you also have this channel on your cable subscription?

05 October, 2012

Please Fasten Your Seatbelt

I'm a regular taxi customer. I ride a taxi everyday. I've been doing that for the past 8 years, eversince my son started going to school.

The lack of seatbelts on the backseat of taxi cabs in Manila really bothers me. Some have seatbelts but the locks are incognito. I've asked a number of drivers about this problem and they themselves can't give me a clear enough answer. Even new taxis don't have seatbelts. Do the owners purposely remove it, the seatbelts and locks, or do they get manufactured like that?


I did ride a few that has one. But with less than 10 taxis that has, in proportion with the hundreds that I've used in 8 years? That is a bothersome number, right? Manila taxi drivers are even famous for their reckless driving. I worry a lot when my son is with me. Some taxis even smell of cigars, which in itself is worthy of a separate complaint post.

I don't remember if cabs in the US, or in other countries, have seatbelts. Drivers there don't drive as recklessly. That may be the reason why I didn’t notice if there were seatbelts or not. 

Our law makers should look into this because this is as risky as riding a motorcycle without wearing a helmet.
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