24 February, 2011

annoying presence in my life!

I was busy writing a blog review when I saw a cockroach running from the kitchen to where I was sitting in the dining room. Yes, I was working in the dining room and I wasn't eating (munching, chewing, call it whatever you like, I wasn't doing it -defensive,huh?).

house cleaning

The nerve of that cockroach! It wasn't at all scared of getting stomped by my heavy feet. This breed of cockroach is on the thin side and lighter in color. And they surely move so fast!

I sweep the floor, dust the furnitures and make sure the kitchen sink and the bathroom are always clean. I regularly use insect spray, almost everyday even. Although I make sure our house is clean, I still see one or two of this annoying insect every single day. This is the downside of living in a condominium. I may have a clean condo unit but if my neighbors are not -then the whole building will always have these annoying insects.


peppermayo said...

ouch! condos with soaring prices still have roaches? the management should probably know about this so they can take care of the issue... following you back, btw... ;p

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