14 February, 2011

wanted: lady bus drivers

Whenever I travel at EDSA (Epifanio delos Santos Avenue), I don't breathe at all. I feel like having a heart attack while still on that road and shouting at the top of my lungs with relief at the end of that avenue. Buses turn and swerve left and right without any concern at all that there are smaller vehicles traveling on that road also.
lady bus drivers
But in a few months, or possibly weeks, hopefully I won't have that scared feeling whenever traveling in EDSA. Lady bus drivers are being hired and trained by MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority) to replace reckless bus drivers.

Yaay to lady bus drivers! Be careful on the road.


Chew On This said...

It's probably true that lady drivers are more conscious of the road rules than bus drivers. But as they say, when it's all about a day's quota of a bus driver, it won't matter if the one driving is male or female. They will still drive like crazy to get to the quota. Poor drivers, they don't receive proper compensation kaya they drive like crazy the way they do.

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