22 May, 2013

Extended Physical Education Classes

Kids playing basketballTo address the growing problem of child obesity in the country, the Department of Health (DOH) has made a suggestion to the Department of Education (DepEd) to lengthen physical education classes in schools all over the country. DepEd  should do this or think of other ways to teach our younger generation to live a healthier lifestyle.

There are some instances where kids don’t enjoy their PE class. Not everyone likes basketball, some have two left-feet so they screw up their dancing class even with the accompaniment of lively music. DepEd should have the option of letting kids choose the PE class that they want to attend to make them enjoy, and not hate, the PE class extensions.

How to Deal With Unintentional Parent Abuse

Quality Time, Mother and ChildI read this interesting article on NY Times about UPA (Unintentional Parent Abuse).
According to emergency room physicians, pediatricians and other experts, U.P.A. is no laughing matter. With unpredictable infants and toddlers, meals, bath time or even cuddles can go terribly wrong. Though statistics for injuries caused by young children are difficult to find, parents routinely suffer concussions, chipped teeth, corneal abrasions, nasal fractures, cut lips and torn earlobes, among other injuries.  ~nytimes.com
How do we avoid kid’s unintentional abuse to us, their parents? Here are some tips from the experts:
  1. Trim their fingernails – You don’t want that pretty face scarred for a few weeks, or worse for life.
  2. Don’t wear things that’s attention grabbing – Babies tend to be curious with anything and everything especially with glasses and earrings. So if you don’t want to get poked or lose an ear, you should stop wearing “interesting” things while taking care of your baby. 
  3. Safe toys only – It’s better to give them educational toys instead of play guns, bow and arrows. Unless you want
  4. Sleep well - “A well-rested parent will be more alert and more physically able to dodge the kick,” according to Debra S. Holtzman, author of The Safe Baby: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Home Safety and Healthy Living.

17 May, 2013

Martin Late at Night is Back!

I was a big fan of Martin Late at Nite and was probably the saddest fan when it aired its last show in 2003. But now it’s back on ABS-CBN! Martin Late @ Night airs every Friday nights at 11:30 pm – 12:15 am after the news show Bandila.

Martin Late at Night ABS-CBN

I’ve been hearing of its comeback for months already but only had the chance to watch tonight. Tonight’s guest is Lea Salonga. Lea taught Martin how to play this video game. I forgot the name, sorry. Like me, Martin is not a “gamer” so he doesn’t know how to use the controls.

It was a very fun episode, Martin and Lea are both very witty and talkative. Jet Mandela had a brief appearance at the end of the show.

I won’t miss the next Friday night episodes. Hopefully, this show will last for years.

Welcome back Martin!
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