14 February, 2011

2011 Hot Air Balloon Festival

I was so tired yesterday. We went to Clark, Pampanga for the Hot Air Balloon festival. Twenty-six (26) countries showcased their colorful and very creative hot air balloons in the four day event. This is our first time to go to that event and RJ had so much fun!

Hot Air Balloon Festival, Clark

RJ tried R.O.X stores' wall climbing and he was able to reach the top in just a few minutes. He enjoyed the sky diving exhibitions the most! He was so disappointed though because he thought he was going to try sky diving also. Maybe when you're a bit older, son.

R.O.X wall climbing
                                                                                            go RJ!
I must say that printing businesses in the area got a lot of profit that day. There were leaflets and paper food wrappers on the ground. But the janitors were also very diligent in making the place clean.

We went to Marquee Mall at Angeles, Pampanga for lunch afterwards. There was a pre-Valentine's event at the mall park at 4pm. A helicopter circled the mall park a few times dropping rose petals! RJ had so much fun trying to catch the rose petals.

By the way, Happy Heart's Day everyone!


Phoebe said...

waaa! I want to witness thehot air balloon festival too. I am sure Elijah will love it.

would you like top join my ongoing contest? http://pinaymama.com/birthday-blog-contest/mechanics/
see you!

Chew On This said...

wow, petals for confetti! parang may himala heheh! I have never seen a hot air balloon ever. I'm sure I'll go so giddy when I see one :)

simply kim said...

oh... i heard about it. it's just so AWESOME!

Cheerful said...

what a great experience...gusto ko din makanuod ng hot air balloon festival someday, it will be fun i am sure! ang ganda ng mushroom balloon na iyan...and the rose petals are really sweet of them to do! kids really enjoyed that for sure! :) belated happy valentines...

Mayet said...


thanks so much for your visit

zoan said...

whew, never pa ako nakapanood ng hot air balloon festival sis :) sana makapunta din ako dyan ehehe

following you na:)

Stylish Voyager
Lucky Zoan
Farm Girl turns Blogger

Small Town Mommy said...

That looks like so much fun. Glad everyone had a good time.

ladyguinevere28 said...

I want to try it as well, but never had a chance to go in that event. I hope we also have it here in my place. Thank you for dropping by..

Mommy Trish said...

wow! I've always wanted to watch events like this. lucky you! about the online work, I tried sa essays.ph and civimom.com as advised by the other moms. thanks for the visit! :)

imriz said...

what an adventure for lil RJ.
tnx for the comment back at my WP ftf entry.

happy weekend.

storybookmom said...

We could have been there with my kids kung malapit lang kami:D followed you via GFC..

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