22 August, 2012

Farewell, Sec. Jesse Robredo

I was never a fan of politics even though my dad's side of the family, in the Ilocos region, is very much into it for decades already. Choosing the right people every election period is a task I totally dread doing. Candidates who has clean track records usually abuse their power once elected. But because I don't want to waste my vote, I still go to my assigned precinct with a list of people who I think deserve a seat in the government each election day.

I'm a Bicolano but I never got the chance to include Secretary Robredo in my short list of candidates because I grew up in Albay and I have been taking residence in Manila since my college days. With what I've been hearing in the news, after his death, on how he governed over Naga City, I would have voted for him.


Looking at his house, it was very obvious that he never took advantage of his position in the government. And I admire him for that. Unlike some politicians I know who live in huge mansions, buy the most expensive gadgets and give expensive gifts to their friends.

Farewell, Secretary Robredo. Maybe God already knew your future so he gave you a chance to start serving the country at a young age of 29. He knew you'll be a good leader. Hopefully, more politicians will follow your good example.

09 August, 2012

my destiny internet

I am already very annoyed with My Destiny internet (Solid Broadband Corp.). I haven’t had a good connection for almost a month already. What’s worse is they haven’t been answering their phone (call center) also. Are they trying to avoid their customers?

Their internet has been disrupting my work for the past years already. But since there are times that it’s stable, and I don’t have the time to inquire from other cable operators, I’m still a loyal customer up to now. I could have just bought the android game that my son has been asking me to buy for the past month with what they should have refunded me on days that I can't use the internet.

This is the last straw. I’m changing my internet provider as soon as possible.

06 August, 2012

typhoon emergency kit

When will this typhoon season ever end? RJ has no school, again, today. School was already cancelled yesterday. Last week, school was cancelled for two days and once two weeks ago. There’s actually no typhoon warning in Metro Manila but it has been raining hard this month. Some streets are right now not passable because floods were waist-deep. La Mesa and Angat dams, the water reservoir dams near Manila, are at its spilling level because of the continuous rain. I don’t even want to think of another Ondoy.

In times like this though, we should all be prepared. Here’s what I call the “survivor kit”, supplies that I have in the house at all times with or without typhoon or hurricane or flood threats.

  • Radio - To know what is going on outside, ”knowledge is power”.
  • Flashlight - In case of power outage.
  • Extra batteries - For the radio and flashlight.
  • Fully charged cellular phones - To communicate with our loved ones and in case of emergency.
  • Emergency hotline list
  • First Aid Kit - It should include fever and cough medicine, small scissors, bandage, medicine for allergies. In my case I have salinase and nebules stocked at all times because my son is asthmatic and has allergic rhinitis.
  • Food - Storm ready food that require minimal or no preparation at all. Bread, biscuits, fruits are ideal food in case of brownouts and we won’t be able to cook.
  • Bottled water - To keep us hydrated.

03 August, 2012

Cramming for the Deadline

As much as I hate to admit it, I get more creative when I'm cramming for a deadline. I don't understand how and why exactly but I seem to think more fast when I have to beat the time-is-up-bell.


So here I am again, trying to do the tasks that I should have already done days before. Good luck to me!

7 Best TV Shows

I used to love watching TV. I don't have the time to do that now because of mommy duties and work. I have to do two or three things at the same time if I want to watch something. I get to watch the news when I'm preparing dinner or washing the dishes. 

I miss the days when I have lots of free time on my hands to do everything that I want to do. Here are the top 7 shows on my favorite list.

7th-heaven-cast 7th Heaven - Reverend Eric and Annie Camden makes parenting looks so easy. I just don't understand why their kids still finds a way to misbehave. But I so love this show. A local channel airs a 7th Heaven marathon during the Holy Week and I always look forward to watching the reruns for one whole day.

The Cosby Show - Dr. Cliff and Atty Claire Huxtable, my fave TV  parents just like the Camdens. Their kids didn't give them as much headache as the Camden kids gave their parents. A funny TV show, just the way I like it.

Friends - Phoebe, Rachel, Monica, Ross, Chandler and Joey, I miss them all! Fans have been waiting, when will they ever start planning for the Friends movie?
The Nanny - Do you feel that you'd rather be wearing a headset when Fran is talking? Not me! I love how witty and funny Fran Drescher's character is. Or was.

Charmed - My week then will never be complete when I miss watching the Halliwell sisters beat evil warlocks.

Gilmore Girls - I love watching the mother-daughter tandem of cool-mom Lorelie and smart Rory Gilmore.

Brothers and Sisters - Did this tv show left us hanging? I do think that the last episode shoul not have been the last episode.

Some good things never last. But at least I can still watch these shows on cable, dvd, blu-ray and online.

get thin program

So I finally did it. I bought a stationary bike. It was either that or a treadmill. But the stationary bike won because 1. the good treadmill brands were huge and it won't fit in our living room and 2. I don't like running.


My new best friend is the simplest and least bulky stationary bike that I've seen on the sports stores that I've looked on. It's still in the box because I've been busy with work the past few days. But when I get home later, I will assemble it already.

Just because I'm planning to buy a life insurance, life insurance costs so much!, it doesn't mean that I can take my health for granted.

Getting Rid of Mosquitoes

It’s that month of the year again. Rainy season is synonymous to mosquito season. Although our windows and doors are screened, except for the main door which is closed and bolted all the time, mosquitoes still finds a way to enter our house.

human-heart-nature-bug-lotion   human-heart-nature-citronella-bug-spray

I’ve tried using a mosquito patch but the smell makes me so dizzy. So I am going to try Human Heart Nature’s Deet-Free Citronella Bug Spray and Bug Shield. I’ve read a lot of good reviews online so I hope it works fine with me as well.
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