30 April, 2012

My Maid Invests in the Stock Market

I just read Bo Sanchez's My Maid Invests in the Stock Market and I cannot help but agree on everything, well almost everything, he said in the book. It's very hard indeed to say "no, sorry, I don't have spare cash", when someone we know needs monetary help. And that's the last we see of our hard-earned money because they either don't have any plans of paying it or worse they get angry when we tell them we need the money already.


We don't all own a very successful business, like a food cart business which is very in-demand right now. So if you want to learn one way of protecting your hard-earned money  and have more funds for your retirement, grab a copy of the book mentioned above. A free ebook version is available at citiseconline.com.

What is your favorite summer fruit

It's summer once again and fruits, like RJ's favorite mango, are in abundance. We used to have a mango tree in our yard when I was growing up. I remember getting woken up in the middle of the night each time a ripe mango fall on the roof.


The tree had to go when our house got renovated. I miss that tree. Now I have to buy if I want to eat green mangoes. A kilo is 25php during summer and it goes up to around 60php during non-summer days.

22 April, 2012

wifi enabled devices tracker

I've read about vehicle tracking devices, but smartphone tracker I've read today for the first time. Whatever happened to privacy? Isn't it against the law to track an individual without that person's consent?

According to the news that I've read online, Navizon can easily track smartphones, laptops and other wifi enabled devices in or even out of a building. Although one doesn't get tracked when the wifi is turned off, sadly that doesn't hold true when the wifi is on.

Invest for the Future

I'm not comfortable with the thought of not being able to buy the things that I want to have, eat the food that I'm craving for and travel to new places that I want to visit in the future. So this early, I don't use everything that I earn. I try to put most of it in savings and investments. I don't buy gold coins but I do buy shares of stocks. I also have some savings account.

I teach my son to save for his future also. He has savings accounts from different banks and he has investments in equities as well. And he's only 10 years old. It's never too early to plan for your future. The best time to start is today.

Organizing the cabinets

Our house is a one bedroom condominium unit so there's really no space for a walk-in closet. My cabinet is actually a mess right now because I dumped everything there the last time I got the clean clothes from the laundromat.

I actually am on the lookout for things that can help in maximizing the closet space, and the whole house as well. Last week, I found this slack hanger that can hold up to four slacks, jeans, shorts or skirts, I bought two. There were actually a lot of other stuffs there, like coat racks, towel organizer, mops and broom rack, and I'm going back to buy those that I need for organizing the closet and the house.

Great Taste Coffee

My new coffee favorite is Great Taste coffee, especially their 3-in-1. I have been using Nescafe for a long time but their 3-in-1 mix is too sweet for me. I’m always running out of time so the 3-in-1 flavor is perfect for me. All I have to do is put everything in a cup, pour hot water and I have instant coffee to wake me up.

One problem though is my new favorite coffee mix is always out-of-stock so I always end up using Nescafe. URC, please make more stocks of your Great Taste premium coffee!

14 April, 2012


Guest post by Lewis Beck

One of my absolute favorite parts of living in Texas is that it seems like everywhere you look there is somewhere to volunteer. Maybe it’s like that everywhere and I just don’t know as a native Texan, but I feel like Texans have some of the biggest hearts of anyone. My husband and I, for instance, are very involved in a ministry at our church that helps people struggling financially get back on their feet. It’s incredibly rewarding. We help them catch up on their bills, or we help them create a workable budget for their family, or sometimes help locate more affordable housing for them, etc. It’s amazing how little investment it takes to reap such a huge reward for some of these people. One of the greatest things I’ve been able to help many of them do is save money on their energy bills. We all obviously spend a lot of money in that area, and we are fortunate living in Texas to be able to select energy providers based on who can give us the cheapest rate. We guide the people we help to check out electricity rand select the rates best provider for them based on their rates, and it makes a huge difference.

03 April, 2012

packing for vacation

I am a very forgetful person. To make sure I don't forget anything when we go on vacation, I list everything that we need weeks ahead. I always have a notebook inside my bag, in fact I have notebooks all over the house, so I can jot down reminders even when I am doing some errands. Even when I'm out of the house and I remember something that I need to bring on our vacation, I can update my list right then and there.


So thanks to my notebook, packing for vacation is a always a breeze. From my son's nebulizer to my moisturizer, camera and the hdmi cable (high-definition multimedia interface), clothes, and everything thata we need is in that luggage.
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