30 September, 2011

irresponsible very lazy father

I have a cousin who is now 28 years old. He’s a new dad, his son is only a month old. He got married because his girlfriend got pregnant. I saw his wife’s Facebook status yesterday stating that it would have been better not to be married. It would have been easier to call it quits if they are not married. I feel sorry for her and disappointed with my cousin.

He never finished school. He doesn’t have a job and based on what I’ve seen and read on his wife’s Facebook page - doesn’t have any plan of looking for one.

lazy father

He needs help. But the help that other relatives give him will never help him in the future. They give him an allowance and an aunt shoulders the grocery shopping for him. That I think is the reason why he doesn’t look for a job. Because he has relatives who are more than willing to support HIS little family of three. So why look for a job, right?

So what does he do everyday? Chat with his friends using his cellular phone. It’s not wifi capable, imagine how much he’s paying his celphone network just so he can chat with his friends. Being the eldest cousin, I’m planning to give a suggestion to the family - put him in a center for a few months. Even if they get mad at me, I have to tell my Aunt and other family member’s helping him to stop what they are doing because it doesn’t help him at all.

I’m back!

I have been neglecting this blog, and my nine other blogs, for about a week or two already. My heartfelt thank you to those who left wonderful comments on my posts. Sorry I wasn’t able to give back the love but I promise to visit your blogs once I’m done with the tasks that I need to finish - they’re expiring in a few hours. 
blogger with laptop

It wasn’t a bad case of writer’s block. I just got lazy, period. I am blaming my slow computer. But if there’s a will, there’s a way. So I have a plan on how I’ll never entertain laziness again. Hopefully, my lazy personality won’t overpower my energetic self.

21 September, 2011

changed person

Yes, I'm a changed person. I don't want to have a heart attack at 35, such a young age to die or be bed ridden. And I don't like more wrinkles on my face so I decided to have a positive attitude and stay away from people who has so much negativity in them.

I'm a person who doesn't want to be pushed around. So I respond harshly to people who thinks they're doing the right thing, when in fact they're not. I also hate bad service. I expect to get my money's worth. If I pay a huge amount for a fried chicken, I expect a big serving of fried chicken on my plate.

are you a good person test

But now, I try to lie-low from being an ogre. It's actually hard but because I want to live longer, I have to be nice from now on.

ask for the person in-charge

I called our building's administration office today to ask why I haven't received a billing statement for a few months already. The person who answered the phone pointed out some things that doesn't agree with what I know of. She even raised her voice and said some sarcastic things that made me really mad. I could have brushed it off but I was already agitated since she was also saying we already have an outstanding bill of seven thousand pesos.

"Who prepares and sends out the bills?", I asked. "Not me. My officemate though is busy", she said.

I insisted she give the phone to her officemate who was not busy after all. Only then were we able to resolve the issue of the missing statements.

Customer Service and Marketing

The first girl had no business talking to me because she wasn't the person in-charge of the billing. She wasted both our time. I swear I also see some new lines on my face because of the stress she gave me!

Next time I will first ask for the person in-charge.

20 September, 2011

chess grandmaster

I don't like playing chess. I'd rather play sudoku or kakuro to exercise my brain. Those are “cool games” for me.
chess board

My son on the other hand likes playing chess so much. He will abandon his PSP or Nintendo when asked if he wants to play chess. Every time I move a chess piece he'll say "hmmm. what are you planning to do with that?" What he doesn't know is I really don't have anything planned at all, no chess strategies up my sleeve. I just move whatever my hand can reach first.

"Oh no! My pawn is not guarded!" Next time we play, I'll use my video recorder to capture RJ's enthusiastic and serious mood next time we play chess.

12 September, 2011

wanted (soon): dedicated server host

Being a stay-at-home mom, for 10 years already, is not as easy as other people might think. It's the most hard but fulfilling job on earth, even Oprah believes so. Having no maid, nanny and driver didn't stop me from working during my spare time.

One of such work is blogging. I started to blog for a living 2 years ago. I was researching on how to earn money online when I came upon this mommy blog that has a post on how much she earns every month. If she can do it, I definitely can also.

I started blogging on a free blogging site. I researched online on how I can earn from my blog. I can proudly say I did it on my own without anybody spoon-feeding me along the way. When my two blogs were earning already, I bought it's own domains and had it hosted by a mommy blogger that I met on one of my blog hops. Installing it was easy peasy because I didn’t have to do it myself, it was already included in the hosting package that I availed.

I now have 10 blogs and I don't have any plans of stopping there. I'm planning to divide my blogs in two different servers with the same web host. I can't afford for them to be offline all at the same time during a server downtime. I hope my current host will offer a dedicated hosting service soon.

Mommy Blogger Business Card my business card

In a few years my blogs might even balloon to twice more of what I have now. I might have my blogs hosted with a dedicated server at that time. As early as now, I'm already researching the pros and cons of a dedicated server as compared with a shared hosting. When the time comes for me to decide on what to choose, I'll definitely be ready.

happy birthday to me!

My birthday was yesterday, September 11, and I am now 35! I don’t feel that old though, I feel like I’m just in my early 20’s. I had an early birthday celebration with my sisters, nephew and cousin. Of course RJ was with us.

Italiannis - Italian restaurant

I was overwhelmed with the birthday greetings and wishes that I got on facebook from my facebook friends. A day before my birthday, my facebook account was already flooded with greetings and notifications.

Because I have deadlines to meet, we just had lunch at Lola Maria’s Restaurant at Legend Hotel in Pasig. It was my first time to try out that restaurant.

Overall, I had a wonderful birthday weekend.
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