27 December, 2010

happy birthday didut!

This is an advance greeting to my sister Didut who is celebrating her 32nd birthday on the 5th of January. A very advance greeting from a very forgetful older, but prettier, sister. She may not know how to make handmade baby shower invitations from scratch, never really good in anything related to art for that matter, but she is very a very good cook.


Happy Birthday Di! My birthday wish for you is a sexy body before summer of 2011. Don't forget to Taebo everyday.

25 December, 2010

while they're asleep...

23 December, 2010

what's for your noche buena?

We already planned what to prepare for Noche Buena later. A Noche Buena is a traditional Christmas dinner with the whole family.

In the Philippines, this usually comes after the entire family has attended the late evening Christmas Eve mass or Misa de Gallo. Often on the table are: lechón, pancit, fried chicken, hamon, quezo de bola, arroz caldo, lumpia, rice, and adobo among others for the main course. Desserts include ube halaya, bibingka, rice cakes, puto bumbong, ice cream, pastries and cakes; drinks include hot chocolate, coffee, soda, wine, beer, and different kind fruit juices. wikipedia.org
Have you planned your Noche Buena menu? Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

18 December, 2010

gift for a good girl

I was looking for an Elmo Initial Alphabet T-Shirt, hot pink with a big letter F in front, for my niece Ms. F. But I can't find one that will look good with the black and pink boots that me and my sister already bought last week.

My sister reminded me that I already bought a shirt during the Rock Toonfest a few months back. And yes, it will look good with the boots too!

I now have a gift to my talkative, sweet niece Ms. F.

14 December, 2010

The Engagement Photos

Prince William and Kate Middleton pose in one of two official engagement portraits, taken by photographer Mario Testino in the Council Chamber in the State Apartment at St James's Palace in London on November 25, 2010. The prince and his fiancee, Catherine Middleton, are to get married next year, the Buckingham Palace said last month. msnbc.com

last minute christmas shopping

Christmas is just a few days away, 12 more days to be exact. I have done my christmas shopping the past two weekends. I'm not yet done though, I still have to buy more. I feel like I am spending for tradeshow giveaways and not just for a few people. I have yet to giftwrap everything also.

Christmas shopping can be tiring but fun. It also makes me depressed when I look at my savings account. But this is the time for giving and sharing so I shouldn't feel down. So here's a hooray for next weekend's last minute christmas shopping!

10 December, 2010

friday fill-in's #14

1. I wish my son won't include a laptop on his Christmas list.

2. Chocolate cake...that's what I'm thinking and what I want for dessert right now!

3. Please bring the books tomorrow, you know who you are.

4. My son is so amazing.

5. One of my fondest hopes is to have the courage to drive here in Manila.

6. You're the best son and I just wanted to say thank you for making me the proudest mom in the world.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching reruns of The Cosby Show, tomorrow my plans include shopping for Christmas gifts and Sunday, I want to see my son behaving in church!

"The Riches" wins The Amazing Race Asia Season 4

Finally! If you're one of the avid fans of The Amazing Race Asia, I'm sure you now know that "The Riches" raced their way to $100,000 last night. The Philippine team, Richard Herrera, a model, and Richard Hardin, a basketball player, finished first in the last leg of the Asian franchise of the popular reality show.

left: Richard Hardin; right: Richard Herrera
In Season 2, best buddies Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez came in third place. Last year, Tisha Silang and boyfriend Geoff Rodriguez finished in second place.

Hopefully another strong team will represent our country next year.

maturity is the key to a reasonable decision

When I was a teenager, I remember boys my age were more interested with car insurance quotes than life insurance. And girls choose handsome boys over responsible, mature young men.

It takes a lot of maturity to be responsible with our choices during teenage years. I guess everyone goes through that phase in life. Being hard-headed and following decisions that create anger and anxiety to our parents.

Archie comics

I myself used to frown at my not-so-handsome suitors back then. Why I chose an ugly, irresponsible, rich brat boyfriend for my immature self -I will never understand. I wasn't using my brain, not my heart either because I definitely wasn't in love.

As we grow older, our choices lean more on what's good for us. If I have a time machine, I will go back 15 years in the past. I will tell my teenage self to choose anyone but the ugly, irresponsible rich brat nor the handsome boys.

resented with life?

Every human being experience THAT! every once in a while. Instead of letting the anger, pain and confusion ruin your day, or worse -your future, why not just replace whatever you're feeling with happy thoughts?


If that doesn't work, just offer it all to God. It works for me every time. I'm sure it will free you from whatever negativity that you may be feeling.

06 December, 2010

more investments for the new year

I am thinking of doubling my investments next year. I am still studying where to invest my modest savings. Buying a term life insurance online is one option. The other is adding more funds to mutual fund investments and some on my online stock account. The market has been uptrend for quite some time now. And my paper losses has been slowly recovering.

It's been proven, through personal experience, that putting money in a savings account is not a good idea. So I just want to leave some in my savings account and invest most of it into something profitable.


Last time we went home, to the province, was more than a year ago. And it was not a happy occasion because we had to bid our final goodbye to our grandma. But we're going to spend this year's Yuletide Season in Albay. And this vacation will surely be a happy and exciting one.

Happy because we will spend it with our family and friends we grew up with. But my two younger sisters and Dad won't be able to go home for Christmas because of work. Hopefully we'll be complete on New Year's celebration.

My Christmas wish though is to hopefully not break the weighing scale, that I step my feet on, after enjoying all the yummy dishes that will be served on Noche Buena and Misa de Gallo!

bothering me this early?

I think I'm going through an early menopause. I have always been an impatient person and I get angry easily. But it got worse lately -the past week. I get annoyed real easily. Worse is if I don't get to shout-out my anger and frustration, I can't calm down. I have been having pain and palpitation lately too.


Is this menopause? I am just in my early 30's. Or is this just stress?
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