30 July, 2011

MMT #11 - Mom-ME Time, 31 July 2011

Yesterday, I was able to have a few minutes of ME time.

We went to Shangrila Mall with the hope of finding soccer shoes for RJ. The shoes that he tried for the past few weeks were either too small or too big for him. When we arrived there, RJ joined a Thermos cooking event so I was able to have my alone time shopping.

I was able to find comfortable shoes for me and a few good books for RJ. But we were not able to find spikes for him. We have to keep on looking. In another sports store, in another mall, perhaps we’ll be able to find one already.

Mom-ME time

28 July, 2011

stormy sky

I was sleeping peacefully Tuesday morning, I only had 4 hours of sleep the night before, when I was awoken by a text message from my son's school. The Department of Education has declared that there will be no classes in the afternoon for all grade levels.

I had to pick up my son earlier than usual so I force myself to dress up.


The Department of Education (DEPED) could have announced earlier, when the kids are not in school yet. They were advised by the weather bureau (PAGASA) already but they always announce suspension of classes late. I was caught in traffic and arrived in my son’s school wet and very hungry. I didn’t have time so I wasn’t able to eat breakfast before leaving the house.

When will they learn?

26 July, 2011

My most favorite orange

Need I say more why this is my favorite possession that's colored orange?

When I encounter some problems in my life, a passage from the Bible can calm me down. A good cry and the Bible can give me “wisdom”.
With Him are wisdom and might; To Him belong counsel and understanding ~Job 12:13

I must admit that I sometimes don’t have the time to read it. The problems that I encounter serves as a reminder that I have been neglecting God and I need to spend some time with him through praying and reflecting on his words by reading the Bible.

orange tuesdays

23 July, 2011

MMT #10 – Mom-ME Time, 24 July 2011

Happy Sunday everyone!

My official ME time, from the previous week, was mall time. I went to the mall last Friday while my son RJ was still in school. I reluctantly went to the mall, I was supposed to sleep so yes I was reluctant to go, but I badly need a new camera. I was planning to buy a red Canon DSLR camera but ended up buying a pink Canon IXUS 1000 HS.


I decided to buy it instead of the planned DSLR because it was on sale. Instead of paying the regular price of Php 24,000, I was able to buy it for only Php 14,000! This cheapskate mom had a wonderful ME time because of that.

Did you also have a wonderful Me time? I hope you also did. Share it here, just click the linky below.

Mom-ME time

22 July, 2011

My Pink Camera

I wanted to buy a red Canon DSLR but I couldn’t resist buying this Canon IXUS camera. This model was only released August of last year, December in the Philippines, but I bought it for almost 50% off.


This camera can record full high definition movies, offers 10x optical zoom range and it-is-PINK! I was in love with the red DSLR but now I am in love with my pink Canon digital camera.


20 July, 2011

The PERFECT birthday gift

A perfect hair and a perfect body, that's my birthday wish for this year. 

So okay, a perfect body might be difficult to achieve in less than two months. Especially since it's so hard to resist delectable dishes! Can you say no to yummy food? Me, maybe yes if I don't have the sense of sight, smell and taste! But all my senses are working fine, thank God, so hello food!

The perfect hair is possible with the right hairdresser. I'm planning to have my hair permed again. But this time I'm going to a real salon and will not ask a home service hairdresser to perm my hair in the house.

Jennifer Lopez's perfect voluminous curls

So, what's your birthday wish this year?

18 July, 2011

What's the best DSLR camera for you?

My Nikon point and shoot camera showed a screen error when I was about to use it one day. I need a new camera. I have been cameraless for two months already. I was about to buy a pink Canon point and shoot camera but decided not to buy yet when I learned that this red Canon DSLR is capable of taking videos. Although not full HD, high definition video is good enough for me.

Canon EOS 1100D
I'm totally in love with this red DSLR. It was love at first sight for me. I'm aiming to buy it before the end of this month. I will have to save up first. Wish me luck!

17 July, 2011

MMT #9 - Mom-ME Time, 17 June 2011

I was able to have my Mom-ME time everyday last week. Yes, everyday! Good for me? Well, I'm sure if you're a SAHM or WAHM, you most often than not have this ME time also. As soon as the school bus picks up RJ, I turn on the television and watch the local morning news of ABS-CBN while eating breakfast. I also watch other local channel's morning show while the ABS-CBN news show is on commercial break.

A good combination to start the day, right? Breakfast they say is the most important meal of the day. Although I'm not a big breakfast eater, I try to eat a portion good enough to make me full until lunch time.

I get ideas on what to blog about from the morning show. But I'm appealing to the news team to please, please give more importance to good quality news instead of reporting  gruesome, unimportant news that even give wrong ideas to uneducated people. Report what happened but don't give the details of how the bad deed was done.

I might have frowned a bit when I watched those bad news, but overall my ME time was superb! So, how was your ME time?

Mom-ME time

15 July, 2011

The best birthday gift

The best birthday gift that I receive every year, since giving birth to my son, is a tight hug, a kiss and "I love you, Mama" from him.

Actually, he hug, kiss and say "I love you, Mama" everyday. He is such a sweet child.

Do you really read those long posts where you leave your comments on?

When I have the time, I bloghop. Whenever I see a new post with an interesting title on a blog that I follow, I most often than not visit it. But if I see a very long post, I usually leave the page without leaving a comment. Why bother leaving a comment if I don't even understand, because I didn't read it, what the post is about.

This usually happens when I visit a blogger's personal blog. A 200-300 word article about one's personal life is interesting enough to read if it's interesting! But if the writer just keeps rambling on and on and on of things that are not interesting, those that only he/she can appreciate and of people that are unknown to most of us earthlings -boring!
I'd rather read an informative book review than waste my time trying to understand another blogger's online journal. I do read personal blog posts that are short and engaging enough for me to leave a comment. Shorter posts are easily understandable also since whatever the writer wants to convey to his readers can easily be seen and not lost in all the words in a long blog post.

This is already a long post. Did you read everything?

13 July, 2011


It is the blessing of the LORD that makes rich,
And He adds no sorrow to it. Proverbs 10:22
There are days when I feel so empty, depressed. I feel like I'm at the point in my life when I should have done more. But each time I see beggars on the street, I realize that I shouldn't worry and complain too much. Everytime I see other Mommies working and not being able to take care of their kids everyday, I know I've made the right decision to work at home and be with my son during his growing up years.

God knows more than I do. He knows what's best for me. I have wants, lots and lots of it, and even if I don't ask for it, I know he'll give it to me in His time.

11 July, 2011

bonding time with my sisters

I have 4 siblings, I'm the eldest and we're all girls. We pretty much try to squeeze in a weekend get-together. Although we seldom do it because we all have busy schedules. My youngest sister usually has a movie date with her boyfriend, the third sibling has graduate school every Saturday and the second girl in the family now live in the province. 

Whenever I have this gut feel, eldest sibling antenna perhaps, that everyone is free for the weekend I usually text my sisters, or send a personal message on FB, right away. My gut feel hasn't failed me yet.

Itallianis pizza

My weekend dates with my sisters usually falls on a Sunday. The day usually starts with hearing mass and from there we usually watch a movie, shopping (most of the time window shopping) and have lunch or dinner (depends on what time we heard mass).

Do you have dates with your siblings? What do you usually do?

family time

10 July, 2011

MMT #8 - Mom-ME Time, 10 July 2011

How was your weekend mommies? Mine was very tiring. 

But I was able to have a ME-time before my "tiring weekend". I was channel surfing friday night, while waiting for RJ to finish his friday-night-PSP-marathon, when I saw Sarah Jessica Parker's face on the television screen. And then I saw Hugh Grant next. I never knew they had a movie together. 

So, how was your ME-time? Share your stories here.

sunday feast

I just remembered right now that I haven't seen the pictures during RJ's 10th birthday celebration. To those who doesn't know, my son turned 10 last June 22. We decided to not eat out during his birthday since it was on a school day. I surprised him with his "favorites", pasta carbonara and mango float, for his birthday dinner.

yummy food during rj's birthday party

We had a simple get-together party, with the whole family, the next sunday after his birthday. Me and my sister were the assigned cook for the party. My sister is the chef in the house, so I just assisted her in the kitchen.

05 July, 2011

landline phone for Halloween

This is our landline phone for more than a year already. Now it’s inside the box and we’ll just use it on Halloween week. We we’re having some problems with our landline connection last week so I tried our old landline phone and was so lazy to put back the skull phone.


We bought ours this in Cash and Carry Mall in Makati. If you want to buy one, you can check out the tiangge areas in Greenhills.

wednesday whites

02 July, 2011

MMT #7 - Mom-ME time, 3 July 2011

Happy Sunday everyone! How was your weekend so far?

I will have another ME-time inside the cinema house today. Will be watching Transformers 3 with my son, nephew and sisters. Although technically it's not an alone-time, the people around me won't matter anymore once the movie has started and the lights are out already.

I better get ready! The next movie schedule is at 3 pm.

Would love to know about your ME-time this week. Hope yours is more fabulous and more exciting than mine.

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