06 February, 2011

i'm a big fan!

Olay Total Effects

Need I say more? The picture says it all.

And my latest addition to my Olay collection.

Olay Regenerist eye serum

I noticed a few lines around my eyes so I decided that I do need to buy, and use for the first time, an eye cream. I don't use one yet because a small tube of eye cream is so much more expensive than a bigger tube of moisturizer. I thought the moisturizer will also take care of skin around the eye area. But obviously it didn't.

Can anyone suggest an eye cream that will erase (really, I want these lines removed!) lines around the eye area?

And what moisturizer works best for you? Would love to try a new one that works better than Olay.


Pinx said...

hello! i'm not actually a user of moisturizers, creams, etc. hehehe, i'm too lazy to do those evening rituals... i just wash my face. but i think i need a truly effective blemish remover. i have always hoped for a blemish free skin. :-) thanks for dropping by my blog.


ladymishel said...

try L'oreal revitalift eye cream

w0rkingAth0mE said...

I think Olay product is a great choice already, visiting you back and will follow your blog too.

Clavs38 said...

love olay too. tnx for visiting. followed your blog too.

simply kim said...

hmmm... isn't that expensive? i used to use Myra E for facial moisturizer but i changed it to Nivea..

Anonymous said...

I really don't stick to one brand. For moisturizer, I have tried Mary Kay, Olay, Ponds, Myra-E, Celeteque and at present I'm using Eskinol.

Thanks for visiting ... followed your blog.

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