25 February, 2012

Basic Guitar Lessons

I want to learn how to play the guitar. Well, my mom did enroll me in a guitar class when I was in grade school. But when I was done with the lessons, I didn't practice and then I just completely forgot everything that I learned in that class.


Now I'm trying to learn it on my own. My son's guitar is a bit small so I'm planning to buy a pink or light blue guitar for myself. I downloaded apps on my iPod but it wasn't good enough. I searched on youtube and was able to find some useful tutorials. Here is a video series of learning the basics on how to play the guitar.

Harvard Graduate

I was browsing the updates on my Pulse News app when I saw the news about Tyra Banks apparently graduating from Harvard. Wow! Another feather on her cap.

tyra banks graduation from harvard school of business  tyra banks graduation from harvard school of business pic

But I wasn’t that impressed anymore when I got to the part that says it was a two-week program and it took her one year to finish it. Or should I still be impressed because it’s Harvard, the Harvard? Nah.

At What Age Should Kids Have Their Own Cellular Phone

My son asked for his own mobile phone when he was in first grade. We bought the cheapest Nokia phone and although it doesn't include headphones for him to listen to his favorite songs, my son was happy with it for a few months. Since he's not allowed to bring a mobile phone to school, he didn't use it for more or less two years.

baby with cellular phone

Now he's in 4th grade and is asking for a new phone. I told him to use his old mobile phone. Although the casing looks old, it's still working perfectly fine. I won't spend money on something that he doesn't really need anyway.

How old is old enough to use a mobile phone anyway?

The Best Exercise

So I found a way to exercise on my free time, without getting a gym membership or buying an exercise machine. As soon as the bus service picks up my son for school at around 620 in the morning, I climb the stairs (in our condominium building) all the way to the 20th floor, the pool area. I can do 40 to 60 flights of stairs for 40 minutes. So far, I lost a little bit of weight during the 3 weeks that I've been doing that.

climb stairs

Last night I tried exercising on the stairs around 7pm. The pool area was full of cigarette smoke and I saw someone smoking a cigar. Next time, I'll stick to climbing to the pool area in the morning so I can inhale unpolluted air.

Driving lessons

I got behind the wheel again today. This time the car I used was automatic. Last time I drove a car was about more than 5 years ago during my driving lessons. I drove a manual car then, that's the reason why I didn't try driving again after I'm done with my driving lessons. Driving a manual car was so hard.

driving lessons

But this time, I really need to get a car and a license. My son has not been training with his schools swim team for 2 years already. And that's because no school service would like to make a special trip to bring him home after swim practice. So next school year, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll have the courage to drive him to and from school, at least.

11 February, 2012

Friends with Benefit

I have a lot of acquaintances but I can count on one hand the number of people who I can call true friends, really true friends. There are those who fall in the category "friends with benefits". These are the people who only remember to call or text, or that I even exist, when they need to ask something from me. Like the mom of my son's classmate, she calls when she needs to ask questions about a school project or ask if her son copied some words right, like whateverworditwas.

gossiping moms

Well, that would have been okay. I'm not selfish. But after getting the information that she wants she'll add, "We haven't seen each other for a long time! We should meet up one of these days. I miss you, friend!" Yup, friends with benefits.

Harry Potter or Hunger Games

As I've said on my earlier posts, I'm re-reading Harry Potter. And I also got curious with all the good reviews that I’ve been reading about The Hunger Games. I'm now on the fourth book of Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but felt the urge to take a peak on the first book of The Hunger Games Trilogy. Scanned it. Got bored.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

What are they raving so much about this book then? Is something wrong with me that I find it boring? Or maybe because I jumped suddenly from Harry Potter to The Hunger Games? I’ll try again in a few months, when I’m done with all the Harry Potter books.
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