23 February, 2011

smoke free Philippines

The Philippine Medical Association is challenging President Aquino to lead a campaign for a smoke-free Philippines. Pnoy is a heavy cigarette smoker and his continued use has been featured on the top newspapers in the country.
smoking president
When he was still a senator, his cigarette smoking was never publicized. Everything that he does, no matter how small and unimportant like his love life, will always be front page material now that he's the president. That's the price of having the highest seat on the land. Some news are not even true. Good thing the media has never written anything as ridiculous as him dating a guy.


air said...

A President should be a good example for everyone if he is a good leader...toinks

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Chew On This said...

ahahah! "no matter how small or unimportant like his love life" natumpak mo sis. I didn't care much about news about his love life.

But the PMA has got a point. PNOY needs to stop smoking and lead others to do the same. The government is spending millions of pesos for health problems mainly caused by smoking. So if we are to stop (even not entirely) smoking in the country, we might do a huge cost cutting in the process. He should know that. Let's see how willing he's to sacrifice for this country.

eric said...

hehehe...nice comic strip!


simply kim said...

talking about 'setting a good example'...

Life Moto said...

i agree with the image :)

If he do it in a private places so there is no harm of that. unless na lang sa public sya nagsisigarilyo. he still the Pres!

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blankPixels said...

He should stop smoking to serve as a good example to the youth. I was able to quit after decades of being a chain smoker. He's a heavy smoker so if he can't quit cold turkey, at least lessen it.

musings of a working mom said...

ha ha ha, honestly i hate both. i hope they can able to find ways to solve this problem

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