30 June, 2010

after 11 days of waiting

I was a little bit surprised. I wasn't expecting this to happen in just 11 days.

You see, I bought my own domain 18th of June. I wanted to blog more seriously hence I spent $10, out of what I earned from blogging, to buy http://www.my-blogbook.com/. I checked a few minutes ago and lo and behold! I have a PR0 already! Maybe Google updated it earlier this week, I should have checked a few days earlier.

Online Journal of RJ's Mama

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23 June, 2010

get your own locker!

I remember asking my mom to get me a school locker on my first year of high school. Upon learning that I have one already, my roommates in the boarding house didn't bother to get gym lockers for themselves.

Students who availed of school lockers were asked to provide own lock and key. My roommates were so unashamed to ask me if I can have my lockers key recopied! What? I wished I could have shouted, "Get your own wood lockers!". But I didn't because I was still a nice girl at that time.

So if you're looking for lockers for sale and planning to avail of one, don't tell your roommates about it!

22 June, 2010

my baby is not a baby anymore

My son, RJ, turned 9 today. I will have a teenager in 4 years. Time flies so fast.

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Baby Bella

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21 June, 2010

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16 June, 2010

that day might never come

I got this forwarded message from another mom, whose son is my son's teammate in swimming varsity. Read on and be inspired.

A friend of mine opened his wife's underwear drawer and picked up a silk paper wrapped package:

'This, - he said - isn't any ordinary package.'

He unwrapped the box and stared at both the silk paper and the box.

'She got this the first time we went to New York , 8 or 9 years ago. She has never put it on , was saving it for a special occasion. Well, I guess this is it. He got near the bed and placed the gift box next to the other clothing he was taking to the funeral house, his wife had just died. He turned to me and said:

'Never save something for a special occasion. Every day in your life is a special occasion'.

I still think those words changed my life.

Now I read more and clean less.

I sit on the porch without worrying about anything.

I spend more time with my family, and less at work.

I understood that life should be a source of experience to be lived up to, not sur vived through. I no longer keep anything. I use crystal glasses every day... I'll wear new clothes to go to the supermarket, if i feel like it.

I don't save my special perfume for special occasions, I use it whenever I want to. The words 'Someday...' and ' One Day...' are fading away from my dictionary. If it's worth seeing, listening or doing, I want to see, listen or do it now.. I don't know what my friend's wife would have done if she knew she wouldn't be there the next morning, this nobody can tell. I think she might have called her relatives and closest friends. She might call old friends to make peace over past quarrels. I'd like to think she would go out for Chinese, her favorite food. It's these small things that I would regret not doing, if I knew my time had come.< will it>

Each day, each hour, each minute, is special. Live for today, for tomorrow is promised to no-one.

If you're reading this, it's because someone cares for you and because, probably, there's someone you care about.

Remember that 'One day' is far away... or might never come..

my destiny internet

Finally! An internet connection. Hopefully, switching from DSL to cable internet will not give me any frustrations. Had a PLDT internet connection for a few years. But when we transferred to a new condominium, all PLDT internet slots were being used. I had no choice but to look for another internet provider. Had to pay PHP 2500. That's already inclusive of PHP500 installation fee; PHP999 advance payment and PHP 1000 deposit applicable on the last two months of availing the internet service. Will see in a few weeks if I made the right choice of choosing this internet provider.

13 June, 2010

school bus dilemma

school bus
RJ's first day in 3rd grade is this Wednesday. The school year has not started yet but I am having a problem with the school service...again.

My son is a member of his school's swim team and it's a must for him to train everyday after school. Swim training is from 430 PM - 630 PM. The bus mother, of the school service, texted me that they will only wait for students until 5 PM to bring them home for this school year.

Still contemplaiting on what to do. Any suggestions?

are you a blog addict?

I was not.

But I think I now am a certified blog addict.

This is why:

So if you can help me by pointing your links to my new domain. Please.

Also, please do follow my blog for updates. Thanks, thank you so much blogger friends!

07 June, 2010

do you love bargains?

A bargain is something you can't use at a price you can't resist. ~ Franklin Jones

02 June, 2010

win a total girl school planner for your daughter

Total Girl School Planner

I want one!

But sadly, I am not a tween anymore nor do I have a tween daughter.

Interested to join and be one of the 10 winners to have this planner for free? Head on to the Smart Parenting website now.
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