20 July, 2011

The PERFECT birthday gift

A perfect hair and a perfect body, that's my birthday wish for this year. 

So okay, a perfect body might be difficult to achieve in less than two months. Especially since it's so hard to resist delectable dishes! Can you say no to yummy food? Me, maybe yes if I don't have the sense of sight, smell and taste! But all my senses are working fine, thank God, so hello food!

The perfect hair is possible with the right hairdresser. I'm planning to have my hair permed again. But this time I'm going to a real salon and will not ask a home service hairdresser to perm my hair in the house.

Jennifer Lopez's perfect voluminous curls

So, what's your birthday wish this year?


ferry'zWILL said...

wooo!! nice hair style!! bring that picture along with you. para gayang gayan tlaaga!!

>> you are right, I can't resist on a yummy food!! so, I might say Hello food as well!! hihi

>> good luck ^_~

The Joyful Crafter said...

I'd love to have my hair permed too, but I want the really big ones. I guess the hair of JLo posted up there is exactly the same way I wanted my hair done too. But I've tried several times to have it curled but it wont. They said that it's just too straight and there are hairs that really cant be permed or curled. I wonder if that's the case for me. I kind of gave up on perming too haha...

And I agree on having a nice body! After I gave birth, I had a hard time losing all the mommy-preggo-fats :-( Plus the fact that hubby just wont let me lose the weight.

So there... I wish for your wishes to come true! Advance happy birthday! Happy GT and I'll see you next week! Ü

nancy said...

That is truly one nice hairstyle! And I must agree, it takes time to achieve what you mean a perfect curve, lol! We're on the same boat.

By the way sis, just in case you're up to winning a dot info domain, I am recently hosting one giveaway here:


Hope you can join. See you!

Mars @ The Life Encounters said...

Nice birthday wish dear! A great perm goes a long way. Try to go for that perfect bod, even though I know it's hard. LOL! I tried a no-rice diet and boom I failed. :P

Visiting through GT. Mine's up here: My Birthday Wish, hope you could visit as well.

jellybelly said...

Oooooh I'd love to have those big, soft curls. Sadly I had my hair cut Emma Watson short :) I hope you get the exact hairstyle you want. Post a pic here!

Visiting from GT!

The Twerp and I

Lucia ♥ said...

These are great wishes! So girly and feminine ;) I bet every woman wants to look her best, right? And it also is a great boost for our confidence when we feel good in our own body :) Crossing my fingers for you and I do hope it will all work out for you ;)

Beauty Queen Gene said...

i want a perfect hair as well. i am amazed why i still haven't gone to the salon up to now. augh. i hope you get your birthday wishes! yes, even the perfect body for you ;)

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