15 July, 2011

Do you really read those long posts where you leave your comments on?

When I have the time, I bloghop. Whenever I see a new post with an interesting title on a blog that I follow, I most often than not visit it. But if I see a very long post, I usually leave the page without leaving a comment. Why bother leaving a comment if I don't even understand, because I didn't read it, what the post is about.

This usually happens when I visit a blogger's personal blog. A 200-300 word article about one's personal life is interesting enough to read if it's interesting! But if the writer just keeps rambling on and on and on of things that are not interesting, those that only he/she can appreciate and of people that are unknown to most of us earthlings -boring!
I'd rather read an informative book review than waste my time trying to understand another blogger's online journal. I do read personal blog posts that are short and engaging enough for me to leave a comment. Shorter posts are easily understandable also since whatever the writer wants to convey to his readers can easily be seen and not lost in all the words in a long blog post.

This is already a long post. Did you read everything?


Mom Daughter Style said...

I did read it all, I would say that some stuff are boring for others and others might find it interesting. We're all different. I would keep posting what I would like to express in my blog and just like you, I would not force myself to read long articles either if I don't find it interesting enough but I think my main concern is the time. I like reading but I don't have much time. Oh, and I like writing as well haha, so this is a long comment na.

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