26 July, 2011

My most favorite orange

Need I say more why this is my favorite possession that's colored orange?

When I encounter some problems in my life, a passage from the Bible can calm me down. A good cry and the Bible can give me “wisdom”.
With Him are wisdom and might; To Him belong counsel and understanding ~Job 12:13

I must admit that I sometimes don’t have the time to read it. The problems that I encounter serves as a reminder that I have been neglecting God and I need to spend some time with him through praying and reflecting on his words by reading the Bible.

orange tuesdays


Mama Vernz Theory said...

HI sis, I also saw this Bible with a Disney princess cover at national Bookstore...how novel.. very nice color.. was here for OT.. followed you here hope you can follow back :)

tejan said...

love this..yes must read it:)

my OT is up..hope to see yah

cheerful said...

very well said...its nice nowadays kasi they are coming up with different covers. visiting from OT, have a great week. :)

anne said...

My father really loves to read the bible when he died I was looking for it, but I could not find it. Sigh happy weekend to you.
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