22 July, 2011

My Pink Camera

I wanted to buy a red Canon DSLR but I couldn’t resist buying this Canon IXUS camera. This model was only released August of last year, December in the Philippines, but I bought it for almost 50% off.


This camera can record full high definition movies, offers 10x optical zoom range and it-is-PINK! I was in love with the red DSLR but now I am in love with my pink Canon digital camera.



Pink MagaLine said...

Great deal sis! So, how much did u pay for it? :D

Rcel said...

Aww! This is gorgeous sis! Pink na pink! I am a Canon lover myself, and my old one is the daughter's toy now. It still takes great photos despite its age. I say hurray to more awesome captures from you then! :)

My Pinks:
Triz's Pink Guitar
Sakura, from Japan
Thanks and hope to see you! ;-)

twinkoolet said...

jealous much! cute camera

Mars @ The Life Encounters said...

Kewl! @ 50% off! How much did you get it for sis? I'm looking to buy one for myself but I'm really hoping for a TX10 :P

Happy PF! Here's my Pink Fridays entry. Hope you could visit as well if you haven't yet. :) Thanksies! ^_^

Rossel said...

cute naman, pink na pink. :) medyo matagal na akong hindi nakakapasyal sa mall. :(

cheerful said...

wow, that's a a good deal, best buy and its lovely! visiting late from PF, have a great week. :)

sHeNgKaY said...

wow! big savings ah..
love it!
Visiting from Pink Friday sis.. Here is my
Pink Entry
Hope you can join my Orange Tuesdays meme still open till Saturday.

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