11 July, 2011

bonding time with my sisters

I have 4 siblings, I'm the eldest and we're all girls. We pretty much try to squeeze in a weekend get-together. Although we seldom do it because we all have busy schedules. My youngest sister usually has a movie date with her boyfriend, the third sibling has graduate school every Saturday and the second girl in the family now live in the province. 

Whenever I have this gut feel, eldest sibling antenna perhaps, that everyone is free for the weekend I usually text my sisters, or send a personal message on FB, right away. My gut feel hasn't failed me yet.

Itallianis pizza

My weekend dates with my sisters usually falls on a Sunday. The day usually starts with hearing mass and from there we usually watch a movie, shopping (most of the time window shopping) and have lunch or dinner (depends on what time we heard mass).

Do you have dates with your siblings? What do you usually do?

family time


Pearl said...

oh... I envy you :-( i'm an only child and i really, really wish i have a sibling (even one sister will be more than enough for me). That's why i always tell my kids to always love each other because they are so blessed.

Gene said...

I seldom go out with my siblings now but when we were all single (especially me and the one before me), we always go out for dinner. We always bond over food.

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