14 December, 2009

are you done with your Christmas shopping?

11 more days to go before Christmas!

I haven't done my Christmas shopping. Don't even have a Christmas shopping list yet. I did buy gifts for some of my son's teachers and classmates a month ago. I only have this weekend to complete the gift buying for those people. Next week is last week of classes before Christmas break.

I also have a Christmas lunchdate with my friends 2 weeks from now. Only bought rosaries and rosary guides for each one of them. Have to buy pouches for the rosaries as well as gifts for their hubbies and kids.

For my family, don't have any idea yet what gifts to give them.

I better start my list.

Ta-ta for now!

photo credit: blogs.eastwick.com


momgen said...

I did not shop for Christmas i make my own cards to send for my friends and family.

burn078 said...

I haven't buy anything for my family for this Christmas. My 13 month is already used. I don't extra money for the gifts. huh.. It really sucks.

btw, thanks for dropping by ate

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