11 December, 2009

very heavy mini laptop?

If you're one of my blog's regular reader (as if I have one!), you would remember my post about my break-back-DELL-laptop. It was such a heavy laptop, I cannot bring it anywhere.

Oh! You don't know about that post? I was hoping you are one of my blog-fan. Nope?

That post is also about my new HP Mini laptop. I wanted to buy a DELL mini but I can't find one right away. I ended up buying HP Mini instead. A small laptop is what I wanted because I can bring it anywhere I go without breaking my back.

I have scoliosis - is a crooked back considered as broken? I guess yes. I don't want to break it more.

I did notice that the battery is attached at the back, not inside the laptop. The battery is not that big, so I thought there was no problem about it. Now that I've tried bringing it outside the house (the laptop - with the battery of course) I am regretting it already (buying an HP mini). Why? The battery and laptop becomes sooo heavy when carried around even for just a short period of time.

Lesson learned: Next time, I will be more patient. I could have just waited for a DELL mini but I was so impatient I bought this laptop with a battery as heavy as a mountain. I am not exaggerating, nope. I always have backpains everytime I carry the laptop out of the house.


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