11 December, 2009

i have a bad perm, help!

I only had two hairstyle since birth - short hair with bangs and one-length long hair. When I was younger, I was contented with my straight, shiny, black hair.

Because of too much hair products (experimenting with different shampoos), my hair became dry, unmanageable and it curls in the wrong places.

I've been wanting to have my hair professionally curled. The need to have a new look was so intense already, my hand had a mind of its own that day. It already called my sisters' so called hairdresser before my mind could even react.

To cut the long story short -- I do not like my new look. I guess the hairdresser was not-a-professional-haircurler. She straightens my sister's (and cousins) curly hair. I showed her pictures of hair curls that I do NOT like. When I saw my curls, lo and behold! It was exactly the same with one of the pictures that I showed her.

And the nightmare doesn't end there. After a month, the bottom part of my hair is straight already and the middle part is still very curly!

Lessons learned:
1. If your sister is happy with the services of a person-who-straightens-hair, don't hire her services to have your hair curled!
2. A very, very cheap fee will never guarantee you a good service (I only paid Php400~ roughly $8)

I'm planning to have a haircut, just the bottom part of my hair. But just thinking that the people in the salon (where I am a regular client) might laugh at my ridiculous-cheap-bad-perm, makes me cringe in embarrassment!

What do you think should I do with my hair?


Golden said...

Aww, damn that hairstylist!

Lots of love,

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