28 December, 2009

how does one become a real estate agent?

I have been working at home for a few years already, actually before RJ was even born. I currently have a few work-at-home jobs and I am eyeing another one right now. I want to try real estate brokering. Why add another job? I think being a real estate agent can be a rewarding career choice. You get to meet and mingle with different kinds of people. Not to mention the commission that you will get when you make a sale, isn't that rewarding enough?

How does one become a real estate agent anyway? I have been researching about that for a few weeks already. First, browse real estate ads and make a list of agencies you want to talk with. Start with the agencies near your place. If you live in Ontario for example you should search for ads available around the area. Make an appointment with the recruiting managers on your list. If you're new in this career (like me) don't forget to ask questions.

Once you're hired you need to obtain a real estate broker license. In Canada, to become a licensed real estate agent, one must complete a course of study as required under the Real Estate Act of one's resident province. The Real Estate Agents governing body of your province will provide the licensing requirements.

The next step: look for potential clients.


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