22 August, 2012

Farewell, Sec. Jesse Robredo

I was never a fan of politics even though my dad's side of the family, in the Ilocos region, is very much into it for decades already. Choosing the right people every election period is a task I totally dread doing. Candidates who has clean track records usually abuse their power once elected. But because I don't want to waste my vote, I still go to my assigned precinct with a list of people who I think deserve a seat in the government each election day.

I'm a Bicolano but I never got the chance to include Secretary Robredo in my short list of candidates because I grew up in Albay and I have been taking residence in Manila since my college days. With what I've been hearing in the news, after his death, on how he governed over Naga City, I would have voted for him.


Looking at his house, it was very obvious that he never took advantage of his position in the government. And I admire him for that. Unlike some politicians I know who live in huge mansions, buy the most expensive gadgets and give expensive gifts to their friends.

Farewell, Secretary Robredo. Maybe God already knew your future so he gave you a chance to start serving the country at a young age of 29. He knew you'll be a good leader. Hopefully, more politicians will follow your good example.


Farm Girl said...

I didnt know secretary jess robredo before. Nakilala ko lang sya when he died. Too bad, the country beeds him most pa naman

Tetcha Figuerres said...

Why do good people die early? He could have done so much for our country if only he was given the chance to live longer.

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