09 August, 2012

my destiny internet

I am already very annoyed with My Destiny internet (Solid Broadband Corp.). I haven’t had a good connection for almost a month already. What’s worse is they haven’t been answering their phone (call center) also. Are they trying to avoid their customers?

Their internet has been disrupting my work for the past years already. But since there are times that it’s stable, and I don’t have the time to inquire from other cable operators, I’m still a loyal customer up to now. I could have just bought the android game that my son has been asking me to buy for the past month with what they should have refunded me on days that I can't use the internet.

This is the last straw. I’m changing my internet provider as soon as possible.


kim said...

i can so relate to that.. my MyDSL just worked for one week, not anymore, really bad for my work..

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