06 August, 2012

typhoon emergency kit

When will this typhoon season ever end? RJ has no school, again, today. School was already cancelled yesterday. Last week, school was cancelled for two days and once two weeks ago. There’s actually no typhoon warning in Metro Manila but it has been raining hard this month. Some streets are right now not passable because floods were waist-deep. La Mesa and Angat dams, the water reservoir dams near Manila, are at its spilling level because of the continuous rain. I don’t even want to think of another Ondoy.

In times like this though, we should all be prepared. Here’s what I call the “survivor kit”, supplies that I have in the house at all times with or without typhoon or hurricane or flood threats.

  • Radio - To know what is going on outside, ”knowledge is power”.
  • Flashlight - In case of power outage.
  • Extra batteries - For the radio and flashlight.
  • Fully charged cellular phones - To communicate with our loved ones and in case of emergency.
  • Emergency hotline list
  • First Aid Kit - It should include fever and cough medicine, small scissors, bandage, medicine for allergies. In my case I have salinase and nebules stocked at all times because my son is asthmatic and has allergic rhinitis.
  • Food - Storm ready food that require minimal or no preparation at all. Bread, biscuits, fruits are ideal food in case of brownouts and we won’t be able to cook.
  • Bottled water - To keep us hydrated.


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