21 September, 2011

ask for the person in-charge

I called our building's administration office today to ask why I haven't received a billing statement for a few months already. The person who answered the phone pointed out some things that doesn't agree with what I know of. She even raised her voice and said some sarcastic things that made me really mad. I could have brushed it off but I was already agitated since she was also saying we already have an outstanding bill of seven thousand pesos.

"Who prepares and sends out the bills?", I asked. "Not me. My officemate though is busy", she said.

I insisted she give the phone to her officemate who was not busy after all. Only then were we able to resolve the issue of the missing statements.

Customer Service and Marketing

The first girl had no business talking to me because she wasn't the person in-charge of the billing. She wasted both our time. I swear I also see some new lines on my face because of the stress she gave me!

Next time I will first ask for the person in-charge.


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