12 September, 2011

wanted (soon): dedicated server host

Being a stay-at-home mom, for 10 years already, is not as easy as other people might think. It's the most hard but fulfilling job on earth, even Oprah believes so. Having no maid, nanny and driver didn't stop me from working during my spare time.

One of such work is blogging. I started to blog for a living 2 years ago. I was researching on how to earn money online when I came upon this mommy blog that has a post on how much she earns every month. If she can do it, I definitely can also.

I started blogging on a free blogging site. I researched online on how I can earn from my blog. I can proudly say I did it on my own without anybody spoon-feeding me along the way. When my two blogs were earning already, I bought it's own domains and had it hosted by a mommy blogger that I met on one of my blog hops. Installing it was easy peasy because I didn’t have to do it myself, it was already included in the hosting package that I availed.

I now have 10 blogs and I don't have any plans of stopping there. I'm planning to divide my blogs in two different servers with the same web host. I can't afford for them to be offline all at the same time during a server downtime. I hope my current host will offer a dedicated hosting service soon.

Mommy Blogger Business Card my business card

In a few years my blogs might even balloon to twice more of what I have now. I might have my blogs hosted with a dedicated server at that time. As early as now, I'm already researching the pros and cons of a dedicated server as compared with a shared hosting. When the time comes for me to decide on what to choose, I'll definitely be ready.


Mirage said...

I always have the thought of getting a dedicated server at the back of my head :D I told hubby once and he said we're ok with what we have for now. lol.

imriz said...

thumbs up for the cute business card :) honest to goodness, im thankful that thru blogging i have found very helpful and uber friendly bloggers that help me every inch of the way and got me a chance to find paying sites :)

imriz2 said...

and oh, i did find ur links thru FBU page... im an old gfc follower na here.

here's my other site. visit me when u have time.

domestic {cherry} said...

i hate when that happens. good thing i have a reliable server and webhost. so it's blogging nonstop for me.

Levy said...

I just had my own domain now and it is still not earning much. I can't imagine the feeling of being offline if your server is down especially if you have lots of task to do and upload. I hope that would not happen though!

Ellen Joy said...

Come that time when my blogs would be able to earn a lot, I would not hesitate to get a dedicated server for them..

kimmy said...

10 blogs??? wow! that is really something. i only have 5 and i'm having a hard time keeping them udated, lol! :)left you a KI$$, girl! hope i get one back, thanks!

C5 @ 21 Days To Form A Habit said...

So far, with 20+ blogs, I'm good with my free server.

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