30 September, 2011

irresponsible very lazy father

I have a cousin who is now 28 years old. He’s a new dad, his son is only a month old. He got married because his girlfriend got pregnant. I saw his wife’s Facebook status yesterday stating that it would have been better not to be married. It would have been easier to call it quits if they are not married. I feel sorry for her and disappointed with my cousin.

He never finished school. He doesn’t have a job and based on what I’ve seen and read on his wife’s Facebook page - doesn’t have any plan of looking for one.

lazy father

He needs help. But the help that other relatives give him will never help him in the future. They give him an allowance and an aunt shoulders the grocery shopping for him. That I think is the reason why he doesn’t look for a job. Because he has relatives who are more than willing to support HIS little family of three. So why look for a job, right?

So what does he do everyday? Chat with his friends using his cellular phone. It’s not wifi capable, imagine how much he’s paying his celphone network just so he can chat with his friends. Being the eldest cousin, I’m planning to give a suggestion to the family - put him in a center for a few months. Even if they get mad at me, I have to tell my Aunt and other family member’s helping him to stop what they are doing because it doesn’t help him at all.


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