21 May, 2011

MMT #1 : Mom-Me Time, 22 May 2011

Welcome to our first-ever Mom-Me Time meme.

I was able to have my ME time, a few nights ago, when RJ decided to sleep early. I was online on facebook for almost an hour reading on what’s new with the PMC group.


Thank you Mommy Ruby, founder of the group and the mommy behind Pinay Mommy Online, for letting me join this community of Pinay Mommy bloggers. The group has helped me learn more about SEO, tweaking and monetizing my blogs and a lot of other things about blogging.

Hopefully RJ will sleep early again tonight so I can spend my Me-time with the PMC Mommies.

Don't forget to visit the other entries.

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Janice said...

Great new meme! Will be sure to join often. I definitely agree - mommy time is a must!

Here's my entry: Mommy's Day Out

raya said...

great idea, mommy! :) joined!

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Hi sis submitted my entry. Thanks


Kayce said...

hi mommy! just submitted my entry. Thanks for hosting this awesome and cool meme for us mommies! :)

Genejosh said...

joining:)! I agree that mommy's need ME time to be refreshed and wanted to be a mom again..he..he...

Mama Mia said...

I agree too! We all need some Me Time, especially us moms. Pero naingit naman ako! I rarely have a time just for me. All the time I have seems to be for my daughter and husband.

I consider the time I dedicate to blogging (still about my daughter's exploits), my "me time". Does that count? :D

Tuwing kelan ba 'to? Just asking so I'll know when best to post when i DO get a chance to have time for myself.

Rcel said...

I just submitted mine, Sis! Thanks for this meme, I actually love it! :) Syempre no, we deserve our precious time alone. I usually try to ask my housemates that, that sometimes, I have to tell them to leave me alone at home and they go wherever they want to go because I need a couple minutes for just myself. Lol. They understood naman! If we're full-time moms though, our kids sleeping would give us much time for ourselves! Just like what you experienced with your RJ! :)

Will bloghop later, after my classes! :)

Seiko said...

Thanks for inviting me sis.Done my entry na but really so sorry masyadong late.
Happy MMT! ^_^

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

I will join this Sunday. Badge is already in my sidebar at SmartMommy. Thanks!

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