22 May, 2011

the problem with copy and paste

I had a few hours to visit other blogs yesterday. I decided to hit two birds with one stone. Bloghop and invite mommy bloggers to join the Mom-ME time meme that I’m hosting on this blog.  I made a uniform invitation, to join the meme, that I copied and pasted below the comments that I left on mommy blogs.

wrong spelling

Can you see what’s wrong with the comment? Look closer.

I was done posting comments, on a handful of mommy blogs, when I noticed that I misspelled one word. Embarrassing! Lesson learned: when leaving a comment on other blogs, check spelling before clicking the submit button.

FYI: I checked the spelling of misspelled and embarrassing, both are correct.

*I deleted the first sentence on my comment, for privacy concerns, since I just screen grabbed from another blogger's blog.


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