21 May, 2011

acne, adolescent problem

When I was in high school, a typical school day for me revolves around boarding house-school-boarding house. I seldom go out so it was a big question mark, for me at that time, why I have acne all over my young face.

acne problem

The pollution in the city and the food that I eat may have aggravated the acne problem brought about by the hormonal changes that I was experiencing during puberty. Early treatment is supposedly needed to lessen the overall impact of acne. But my Mom never allowed me to use anything on my face except for soap. I never visited a dermatologist also.

Because of that, I have acne and pimple scars.

My son, at his young age, has been asking me about pimples and acne. “I don’t want to have pimples like the big boys in school.” He’s now aware that he needs to soap his face properly and rinse it well to avoid having pimples early on his young life.

And when his first pimple shows up, I will allow him to use anything on his face provided that a licensed dermatologist prescribes it.


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