30 November, 2010

what's your favorite reality show

One of my favorite reality show is Kendra. I like watching her not because I'm a fan of playboy magazine. I like her personality, she's a very happy person. Her laugh is so funny and yes contagious. Whenever I have a bad day, a happy show usually lifts my mood.

kendra wilkinson
One episode that I like was when she got depressed with how slow her body was recovering after giving birth. I didn't like it because she was depressed. I liked that episode because it shows that celebrities, no matter how sexy they are, will also have the same problems like us normal moms. She was finally able to reduce belly fat after months of exercising with a trainor.

I was shocked, as her mom must have been, when she arranged a blind date for her mom. She even interviewed middle-age guys before picking the guy that she thinks her mom will like. And that's worth another post.


Mauie said...

My favorite reality show still is Survivor. I'm amused at how the castaways behave on the island.

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