06 December, 2010

bothering me this early?

I think I'm going through an early menopause. I have always been an impatient person and I get angry easily. But it got worse lately -the past week. I get annoyed real easily. Worse is if I don't get to shout-out my anger and frustration, I can't calm down. I have been having pain and palpitation lately too.


Is this menopause? I am just in my early 30's. Or is this just stress?


Mommy4Life said...

It could be a number of things really. Stress being the top one. I know with Christmas coming I am stressing big time. Maybe try to do breathing exercise or when you get mad go write on a piece of paper words that come to your mind (its a psychology exercise that works wonders). If you need to yell it maybe record yourself on your computer or phone (if that is an option) so you can hear how you sound and see how you act. Another thing you could do is go to a secluded place and just yell until your heart is content. I sometimes get to where I am so annoyed and aggravated I don't even want to hear a sound and will go off if I do. I'm not really sure why but I know it isn't because of menopause (I am 32). If it continues, maybe you could talk to your doctor. Maybe it is just anxiety which is easily treatable.

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