30 November, 2010

we don't give receipts

I was at Cash and Carry Mall yesterday. I saw this stall in front of the grocery store selling native delicasies and other baked goodies. I got lured by the 3 for 100 sign. I got a pack of puto, brownies and chicharon. I gave a 100peso bill and waited, waited... waited for my receipt. So I asked the sales lady, "Where's my receipt?"
cash and carry mall makati
"We don't give receipts. I'll just give you something." She got a piece of paper and was about to write an "unofficial receipt". I said while giving back what I just bought, "Never mind. Just give me back my money."
Ive heard that everytime there's a scheduled inspection from the city hall, a lot of stalls from this so-called mall close shop for a day or two. Unbelievable right? I don't understand how Cash and Carry allow this thing to happen. They've even expanded from just a simple grocery store to a bigger mall with a department store that is soon to open. They should at least give back to the city by being a law-abiding establishment. I wonder if some Makati City hall employees are somehow protecting these unashamed business people from Cash and Carry?


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