29 October, 2009

GT #2: my favorite accessories

My everyday accessory is just a wrist watch. I would love to have these watches in my collection.



Do I like bulky, sporty watches? Not really, here's some girly watches that I want to own someday.


happy girl's talk thursday everyone


♥Willa♥ said...

I love watches too, but most of my collection is Swatch.

Mom of Four said...

I wish I can wear watches kasi very convenient if need to know the time. Nagkakati kasi ang part na dinidikitan ng metal, kaya parang meron akong kati sa braso..

I love all your watches and the ones the you want to own someday.. They are really pretty..


Anonymous said...

love the watches!

Ria said...

Love the Cartier :)

Chie Wilks said...

love the fossil..it's pretty and it's pink

nikogirl said...

hala gusto ko ung lavender watch!!! :)

thanks for joining ha! next week fave drinks naman tau..

see u! tc..

nuts said...

i love the pink fossil here. I used to have one sporty fossil before but i lost it.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

nice watches. ^_^

Analuz said...

wow! nice watches you have.

jenie said...


here for another visit. have a THANK YOU SOMETHING for you at you deserve my thanks

visit back real soon
hope u visit my other blogs too
earthy me

jenie said...

love em!

Digital Subway said...

i have no watches. I can live without that as long as more than 100 people keep reading my blogs daily.

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