27 November, 2009

justice system in the Philippines, i do not trust

i haven't written a post for almost a month now, why? because i am depressed. we we're driven out of our home, the home that we bought with hard earned money. it was humiliating.

this is because the person claiming to be the owner of that house paid the judge that was handling the case.

justice system here in the Philippines is ... i don't want to say anything anymore. maybe there really is no hope for this country.

i can't go into details now, i am still depressed because there are a lot of things that still needs to be done for us to get our home back.



gleenn said...

i'm so sorry to hear about your plight girl. i am actually contemplating about this very thing when i woke up this morning. i thought about the 43 masacred in mindanao. who believes that they'll get justice, huh? tell it to the marines. Arroyo is busy for her candidacy, that woman is a bitch.

and about judges getting paid to give your case on the other side? oh, almost anyone is bought in our country. that's the saddest thing, it's OUR country.

we had fought for a piece of land from inheratance in Cebu. My mom's family has been fighting for it since I was a kid, the case became a civil been running for more than 2 decades. But our family ended up losing it. It was our grand dad's land, claimed by his nephews and sold to a rich man. At the end, the rich man won. We lost our land as well as my aunt's and uncles' bongalows.

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