09 June, 2011

Math Genius?

My favorite subject when I was in grade school and high school is Math. Here’s an excerpt from one of my previous post:
Math was my favorite subject in high school. My math teacher made me believe that I am a math genius! That made me decide to study Math in college. I passed the UPCAT (University of the Philippines College Admission Test) and took up Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics Major in Actuarial Science.
i love math

I was able to use whatever I learned in college for a few years. But I finally decided that there’s no love lost between me and the actuarial field. You might want to read my whole post on why I decided not to become rich.

My son doesn’t like Math. But I encourage him not to, hate math, because he’s actually the math genius in the family. Smarter than me, BS Math graduate, and his dad, BS Math and Physics graduate.

Any suggestions on how to encourage him not to hate Math?


Beauty Queen Gene said...

wow the whole family's good in math! i wish i can say the same in my family. unfortunately, we all suck at it. no suggestions from me on how not to hate the subject, therefore. hee hee

Vhen said...

oh i dont know, i hate math also! lol

Phoebe's Blissful Life said...

galiing! sana ako din mahalin ng math. hehe

The Pepperrific Life said...

UP ka din pala hehe...what was your student number? ako 94 :)

It might only be a matter of time before your son starts to love math too. Whatever his skills and interests, I'm sure you'll always be there to support him

Mars @ The Life Encounters said...

I like Math as well! :) Visiting from GT here. :) Hope you could find time to visit mine. ^_^

mjrodriguez said...

i taught my child to play card games? and now she loves to count....:-)

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