01 March, 2011

trick art museum at seriland

I got curious with this Korean "edutainment" theme park when I first saw it featured on a morning show. So off we go to Seriland The Land of Happy Thoughts last Sunday afternoon.


There are four activities, with an entrance fee of Php150 each, to choose from. The Mirror Maze, 3D Trick Art Musem, 3D Cinema Plus and Kids’ Paradise. There's an on-going promo of buy 3 get 1 ticket for free until the end of May 2011. Kids and adults have the same entrance fee.

We had the most fun at the trick art museum.

trick art museum, seriland

trick art museum, seriland

Both kids and adults will enjoy visiting Seriland, located at the 2nd floor of Manila Ocean Park, especially the Trick Art Museum. But there's no point in coming back. Not unless there are new activities and new trick arts in the future.


Chew On This said...

sis, where is this? Looks like so much fun. parang gusto ko din pumunta :)

Cielo said...

Hi sis ang cute naman ng place na ito...where is this sis.

Brown Pinay
My Point of View

rjs mama said...

mga sis, sa manila ocean park

sigrid @ lovingly mama said...

This is what we missed last year. Hopefully, when we go back to Manila again next year, we will visit Seriland. Dindin will be able to appreciate it more coz she will be older na :D

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