01 March, 2011

facebook not safe?

I was reading a blog when I noticed a news headline on my browser dashboard about a girl getting threatened on facebook.

She was a cheerleader in high school and most probably one of the IT girls. She received an invitation to be a friend, on her facebook account, by a schoolmate who she was never friends with. This guy was the nerdy type and probably very unpopular during their high school days.
The first few PM's (personal message) were friendly until it got to a point when he was sending messages that were too uncomfortable for her already. She then sent a message with STOP written 100 times. That's when the scary emails began.

She then created a facebook page "If I get killed tonight, this is why" and posted all threatening messages there. Fortunately, her mom is a cop. Her mom helped her report the incident to the right authorities. The guy is now in jail.

My two cents? Facebook is safe to use. It's the facebook user who's making it unsafe. Don't put personal informations about yourself, don't broadcast your daily activities and be a more responsible facebook user. That's all you have to do to be safe online.


vicy said...

Hello Rjs Mama. Thanks for the visit on my page. I'm here also to visit you. Take care

Mommy Vicy

Anonymous said...

actually, i'm not into facebook. my daughter has one though. minsan, when i browse, i find it absurd that some people note their every move! as in they are here now, then here, then there! are they attracting stalkers? :)

Anonymous said...

I have heard and read a lot about people being harassed and threatened on social media sites. It seems as though the boy was probably sending the girl messages about his personal feelings that he probably would not have been brave enough to say to her in person. then he got angry when she rejected him and threatened her.

Anonymous said...

100% I agree with you. Any social media networking is there to help people connect and they have all the good intentions in mind when they created it but it is an open media so both the bad and the good can access. It is now our responsibility to make ourselves safe online.

Happy blogging.

Mylene said...

Bukod dyan sis, dapat careful din sa pag eexpose ng mga personal identities, it can be used for malicious acts like hacking, etc.

Thanks for visiting Online Mommy's Corner

Malditang "Kura"cha said...

Yup I totally agree. Your personal identity can be used to hack your account. Sometimes we use our birthday as part of our password kasi. Delikado talaga. Thanks for dropping by on my site. Appreciate it! =)

Nash Fernando said...

I agree! It's all about responsibility. I don't post my real name online specially if I know that it is open to the public. 'Cause who knows who the next victim is, right? :)

Hey thanks for following me. I followed both your blogs as well. See yah around! :)

Nash of Nash Goes Chenelyn

Jacaranda Flagg said...

hi, we should never ever put every bit of personal info sa fb.. delikado na panahon ngayon..

justmy thoughts!

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jared's mum said...

i agree it was actually its users that's giving facebook a bad name, still parents like us ought to be vigilant to prevent this from happening to our children...

Ar-Ar said...

I definitely agree with you on this!

Nortehanon said...

I agree with not divulging all your personal infos. I have a facebook account but it's kinda anonymous because it doesn't carry my real name, only my identity as a blogger. These days, you really have to be careful.

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