09 March, 2011

this might help you

Are you bored with whatever it is that you do day in, day out? Here's a poem that might help you. I found this poem in my son's Language folder from school. The teacher might have noticed how the kids hate studying and doing seatworks in class.

I should put this in the laundry room, I wonder if it will help me smile while I'm washing my son's dirty socks. I ought to put one near the kitchen sink also. And yes, in the bathroom, I want to enjoy scrubbing the tiles!

poem, work by tepee


bechay said...

nice poem sis, thanks for posting!

sarah said...

true!!! working for God's glory is our greatest reward

Ar-Ar said...

Nice! very inspiring! :)) You made me smile today!

niko said...

oh this is so cute!! love this one!!

i dont why u cannot access i hope this helps too


thanks for dropping by my blogs ha!
happy sunday!

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