10 December, 2010

maturity is the key to a reasonable decision

When I was a teenager, I remember boys my age were more interested with car insurance quotes than life insurance. And girls choose handsome boys over responsible, mature young men.

It takes a lot of maturity to be responsible with our choices during teenage years. I guess everyone goes through that phase in life. Being hard-headed and following decisions that create anger and anxiety to our parents.

Archie comics

I myself used to frown at my not-so-handsome suitors back then. Why I chose an ugly, irresponsible, rich brat boyfriend for my immature self -I will never understand. I wasn't using my brain, not my heart either because I definitely wasn't in love.

As we grow older, our choices lean more on what's good for us. If I have a time machine, I will go back 15 years in the past. I will tell my teenage self to choose anyone but the ugly, irresponsible rich brat nor the handsome boys.


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