22 March, 2010

Makati City Hall personnels, do your job!

As I have said on my previous posts dated March 17 and March 19, a Makati City Hall personnel whose name is Engineer Glenn Recamora is giving me a hard time with my occupational permit. After 4 working days of waiting, I am still waiting for this permit to be approved. Take note: they said on March 16, "if you pay now you will get your occupational permit tomorrow". I have to process locational permit, mayor's permit and BIR clearance when I get hold of my occupational permit.

I do daily follow-up's in the morning and afternoon. "He's just doing something, He's outside the office or He's in a meeting."

Friday, March 19, I was able to talk to the Engineer. He said that he's just going to write the report. "When will I be able to get the permit?, I asked." The Engineer said, "Wait until Tuesday next week, we cannot force my two bosses to sign it right away."

"Why is it taking so long for you to do the report? When I submitted the requirements, they asked for payment already, for me to be able to get the report the next day. Do I really have to pay Php2100?". His reply, "I have lots of things to do, did they give you the breakdown when you paid? Php2000, that's for the occupational permit. You can ask a Civil Engineer to do that if you know one, but I already did the report so you can't do that anymore."

At that point, I was so annoyed already. They never told me that I don't have to get occupational permit from their office. I have an uncle who is a Civil Engineer so I could have saved Php2000. I then told him that I will follow-up on monday. He said to follow-up with May monday afternoon.

At 9 am this morning I called Makati City Hall. Anna, the personnel that I talked with March 16, said that the engineer who made me wait 3 working days just for the report finally submitted it. Another boss signed it already and she's just waiting for another official to sign it. "I will call or text you in the afternoon." I asked her if I'll be able to get the permit today, "Yes, definitely, the boss usually signs documents in the afternoon."

No call or text the whole day. I called May at 330 pm, "You can't get it today, there was a problem with the affidavit and we had to do it again." I asked who did the affidavit. Her exact words, "Aba ewan ko, sino ba may gawa ng affidavit mo?" I said I submitted all the requirements tuesday and I don't know who did the affidavit. I have no idea that when she made that "unprofessional" comment, she gave the phone to Anna without even telling me! Anna then explained to me that they did the affidavit but there was a mistake so the boss asked them to redo it again. She then promised me again that it will be ready for pick-up tomorrow.

I am very angry right now.


Mrs. Kolca said...

cool down sis! relax.. kahit ako den naaasar sa system na tulad nyan.. naranasan ko den kasi noon pero wala eh.. alangan naman na maglagay ka.. swerte sila!

btw, san ka sa mandaluyong? pioneer ako :D

By MelCole of PA said...

I just read your post today. Sounds Grrrr! Masungit ang ibang taga-prosseso nang mga permit. Ha! Good thing you still got your patience.

www.PinayMommyOnline.com said...

Chillax Sis! Meron talaga yan kahit saan. Sayang at masisira beauty mo for them.

Mommy Ruby
of www.pinaymommyonline.com

vivapinay said...

relax ka lang sis.. thats a normal process when dealing with government agencies.. unfortunately! Sorry folks but its true!!

Hey, we used to live in Paragon Plaza. We still have the condo there but nobody resides na..

MommaWannabe said...

Jeez kakainis talaga mga government people jan noh! *sigh* That's what I am dreading when I get back there.

Marice said...

awwww sino ba hindi maasar jan sis! chillax sis.. di nila sasagutin ang pagpapa botox mo ;)

Bambie dear ★ said...

hay naku, nothing's new talaga pagdating sa citihall or any government agencies.. that staffs are usually unfriendly, akala mo kung sino talaga, pahirapan.

nurseabie said...

Hay ganyan talaga sila sa government offices! Pahirap sa atin! Dapat kung ayaw na nila sa gingawa nila magresign na lang sila hindi yung ganyan attitude nila.

hopeful said...

Sorry to hear about it sis. As of now kahit saang government agencies pareho lang lahat,
they're giving people hard times.

By the way thanks for the visit. SMile!

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