26 March, 2010

should i give up?

After paying a few thousands, which by the way were earnings from my blogs, they say that they don't accept new applications for this kind of business.

I don't undersand why the barangay clearance was approved. Then the occupational permit, which was located on the 3rd floor of the new building of Makati City hall, was approved. But the City Administration, located on the 6th floor, is saying that they don't accept new applications? After already paying Php 3,650 (taxi transpo not included yet), they now tell me that!?

WTF!!! I am so f*cking confused now? Don't they hold office in the same building? Departments from the same city hall!

Paano ko mamahalin ang Makati, kung ganito tayo?

Are big companies, in this line of business that I am trying to put up, paying the city administration to stop accepting new applications?

Can anybody point me to the right people who can help me. Mayor Binay, Jun Jun Binay, Rico Puno? What the city administration is doing is very unfair.


Mommy Liz said...

Naku, gang dito feel ko ang bulkang gustong sumabog. Minsn nga ganyan ang mga offices, iba iba ang information. ano pala ang balak mogn itayong business?

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