19 March, 2010

getting a business permit in makati will test your patience!!!

It has been 4days already. The engineer that was supposed to make a report is just letting my papers gather dust on his desk. I already paid them Php2,100. No receipt was given. They said that in lieu of a receipt, they will give me the occupational clearance needed to get the locational permit.

Give me Patience

"If you pay now (Tuesday), you will get the permit tomorrow." Every f*cking day I call, Engineer is either out or in a meeting. I have to be nice when talking to them. If I p*ss them off, they might deny my application. I already paid Php3,650, that still doesn't include the Mayor's permit and BIR.

Does anybody here know somebody from Makati Cityhall? I need help.


Golden said...

Tsk-tsk. Typical Filipino system. Kaya di umuunlad bansa natin eh. Kaasar naman nyan sis.

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