17 March, 2010

business registration in the philippines

I registered my business name 5 years ago. Here in the Philippines, business names should be renewed every 5 years. So yes, my business name is going to expire in 8 months. For the past 5 years I didn't apply for a business permit yet because my son is my main priority. Now that he is 8 years old, I feel that this is the right time for me to finally do what I have to do to make my business legit.

I'm now done with the baranggay clearance, only waited 30minutes for it. I had to pay Php1,550 and this includes the General Liability insurance already. I already paid for the Locational Permit and they are processing it already. It's been two days of waiting and I am so stressed out already.

Why stressed out? I still have to process the Mayor's permit and BIR clearance after the locational permit. I am already stressed out thinking how much I still have to pay. A lot of people, even inside the Makati City Hall, are saying that I still have to pay Php6,000. That's how expensive it is to get a permit to operate a small business here in the Philippines?


Golden said...

Sorry sis. I'm not that familiar with business permit thingie. But I hope it wouldn't be that expensive.

Lots of love,

By MelCole of PA said...

It takes time and patience, praying for you. BTW, I got awards for you in my blog and I hope you'll like this: http://melcoleofpausa.blogspot.com/2010/03/lovely-four-awards.html

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