09 February, 2010

you should try this product

... if you have curls. If your hair is straight, I don't think this is the hair product that you need.

I have written about my disappointment when I had my hair curled a few months ago. Now, I am loving my hair! Yaay!

It's all because of the bottle you see on the left. VO5's styling mousse. I have been using another brand of styling mousse and was so distressed with the way my hair looks. When I switched to VO5, my daily worry and frown turned into a smile.

I am planning to stick with curly hair because it makes me look my age. With straight hair I look 10 years younger. I should be happy looking younger, right? Not with a son as tall as me already. People tend to get confused if I am his sister, aunt or worse -- his yaya!

I am not planning to use mousse for the rest of my curly-haired life. Waiting for my hair to get longer. Then chop-chop and goodbye to my bad curl! Will then have my hair curled by a professional. Then I won't have to use mousse to define my curls.


Paula said...

Hi sis,

Found your blog at GT Support Group for Bloggers. I added your blog to my blogroll at <a href="http://www.mommmydiary.net>Mommy Diary</a>. Hope you can do the same. ^^


shydub said...

I though it a drink, or some perfume until i read the curls hehe.

pehpot said...

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*MrsMartinez* said...

Hi I also have curly hair but I don't put anything after shampooing. I think any additional chemicals like mousse , gel etc will add damage to curl. So after washing , I just scrunch it and let it air dry. xoxo
thanks for visiting http://mrsmartinezravesandrants.blogspot.com

k said...

yahoooo...looking and not reading...i thought it's a bottle of wine and VO stands for Vodka yahooo...lolz. Yeah that's right, just wait to get it longer then cut it..hehe.

Thanks for the visits and comments.

Have a great day/night.

Anonymous said...

yeah, the bottle looked like it's an energy drink. hehe! but it seems like a nice product. guess i should've used it before. had my hair permed and it lasted only 3 months. :P

Summer said...

I have confused hair. Sometimes it's wavy and sometimes its fluffy. I'll try any product that might help!!! Thanks for the tip love!

Sherry said...

hi sis, nice product, not sure got available her or not. I think this brand is expensive.

laarni lopez said...

hi sis, where could i get this product? i love my curls and all, but my hair is naturally buhaghag and dry and putting oil makes it too oily. thanks!

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